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    How people are expecting others right but they are wrong

    Many of us finding fault on others but they do the same mistake.

    I was asked by a co passenger in a city bus to cover my mouth with kerchief as i sneezed suddenly. I agreed but he , himself blow his chewed pan masala on the road without caring the other road users.

    I saw a couple in bus stop and sullening her husband for his slow walk and thereby she missed the bus. The husband politely replied her that she only start from house lately without minding the time.
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    Good observation. Many people try to point out others without minding for their own. Here I want to mention that people always forget that if you are showing one finger of you towards the opposite person the other four fingers will be pointing towards you only. This is the fact of life. But this fact will conveniently be forgotten by the person when they are criticising the other person. Advising others to be good is OK. But you should advise them after you practice that. But many times we will advise others and tell them many things. But we will never think of implementing the same in our practice. So it is always better to follow and preach rather alone preaching.
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    We have the habit of advising and chiding others easily and when it comes to matters on our own self , we ignore the rules and even talk otherwise. When we are standing on the queue, suddenly one person approach the front row people to take his ticket also. Actually it is wrong to approach and ask for the favour. This irritates those who are standing in the queue. Why because they are denied of the ticket if every one goes in front and seek favours to take the ticket. The same man would advise others to follow the queue but he only brake the queue and seek favours from others.
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    Right thought sir, it is easy to find mistakes in others, but comparatively hard to accept our faults.

    We, humans, are like this, and it is but natural that we will behave like that. But if someone points it and makes us realize that you were wrong at this and this point. You will then give a thought to that moment and realize "Oh yes, that was not right on my part too."
    It is true to first look inside us that where we are lacking behind and then to tell the other person.
    It will help us to become a better human being with great thoughts.

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    Practice what you preach is often a quote in the books and not in real life. As humans, many of us are great in advising and ordering people around us, some have an adamant attitude that comes partly from their upbringing and partly by ignorance that they are the better than the rest of the crowd. It doesn't cost much to advise and dictate but it takes a lot of maturity, courage and discipline to follow what we advise.

    In the first instance, the person next to you is probably worried about catching an infection but is ignorant about his own spitting the pan in public places. If you observe closely, people who are soft natured are look docile are often spoke to rudely by others, like this co-passenger. If you have a stern body language or jokingly but clearly point out their errors they would think twice before talking to you.

    In the second instance, if things don't go well, people easily forget their own contributions to it and are quick to find fault with others. Many of us often give the excuse of traffic jam, missing the bus etc when we are late to work, if we think back, most often we would have set out late from home without allowing time for delays.

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