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    The best conduct is not second to any jewel.

    Jewels, The costly ornaments are always given beauty to the person wearing it. In India, we all are fond of wearing jewels. We always feel that they will give good looks to us. We feel we will look beautiful by wearing them. This mentality is generally on the higher side in ladies. Gold ornaments, diamond Ornaments' so on so forth. The more you wear, the richer you are. In functions, ladies try to showcase their jewels to exhibit their richness. These days many gents are also wearing some jewellery. But in the real sense, they will not add any value to the personality of the Individual. An unknown person may think that these people are rich. But the people who know very well will not give respect or honour to the individual because of the jewels they are wearing but they will definitely respect you for your decent behaviour and good conduct. Even unknown people also will get attracted towards you if they see the good conduct and humble behaviour of you. So I always say that no ornament is as good as the best conduct. Having a smile on the face, talking humbly with others and having a good conduct is the best jewel one can have. These jewels can't be stolen away by anybody. So let all of us try to have these jewels with us always.

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    Rightly said by author that smile is the greatest ornament one can wear on the face and that would also pave way for next level discussion even with those we are not having cordial relations.,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice thought on good behavior. A good and polite behavior will always help making friends.
    So, always carry a good behavior instead of jewels and heavy ornaments.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    The thread authors is right in considering good conduct as equal to jewels. Another thread also had similar view regarding etiquette.

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    Our conduct and our morals are more precious than any jewels that we can wear. A person dressed in simple clothes without any ornaments also would shine in the crowd at a function if he or she has good morals and behaviour. For instance, people would refer as he is an honest police officer, she is a dedicated doctor who helps the poor etc. I've seen teachers who come in simple attire for the wedding or birthday of their students, they would stand out because although don't would have worn many jewels, parents and other students will meet and greet them. Around them, you can see many richly dressed with plenty of jewels but only a few would be talking to them. So, it is our true self and the deeds we do that are far more important than many jewels.

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