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    How to deal with arrogant people?

    Many people are very arrogant. They will boil up on small and trivial things. For a small thing they will make an issue and shout on others.

    If you ask them for some help they will stare towards you as if you are committing some crime. Their curt and shrewd manners will discourage you to talk further with them.

    If such people are holding positions in offices where public interaction is required it is really very difficult for others to communicate to them as they will be fighting on one or other pretext.

    How to deal with such people?
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    It is really difficult to deal with such type of people. If the other person is arrogant and if we are also arrogant the things will get further complicated. So we can't be arrogant with that man if we have to get something done by him. These arrogant people will also have some weakness. If we know that weakness and work on that we may be successful in getting the things done by him. Another method is to have patience with them. Even though he is in a high pitch and shouting at us if we maintain our coal and insist on the valid point we may be able to see that he will do the work required to us. Still, it is not possible then we have to go to his next boss and we should come to him through his boss. Sometimes it may backfire. So when we decide on this we should go in such a way we don't know the correct person to approach that is why we approached him.
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    This subject has been nothing new in ISC, it has been discussed many a time. Sometimes I feel the member has lost the new idea to bring some fresh topic to discussed. It feel as if the old wine provided in the new glass. However, when the topic is here we should discuss it. It is simple to deal with such people, either you hang behind him like Vikram's Betaal, or run away from them as if you have just saw a ghost. In first scenario, you have to be both wise and strong to deal. You have to have all your answer ready to counter him/her. You need to be patience and wait for your turn to catch the situation in your favour.

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    I think there is no way we can change the behaviour of others especially if they are so arrogant and rude and it is more difficult when such people hold a position with a lot of authorities. The best possible way to deal with such people is to try to mold ourselves in accordance with the situation or if it is not possible just avoid them and their rude behavior.
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    Yes dealing with arrogant people is not that easy nor one would like to have a deal with them. Arrogant people are those who feel that they know every thing and that ego would brings them good friends as enemies. What is the biggest draw back we face with them that they wont listen nor agree to what we say. There must create some confidence building measure before initiating talks with arrogant person. And that confidence building must be acceptable to them and they must ensure that you will talk in their favor , then only they will give leads to talk. So if you can create such a situation then you are great winner.
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    It is a very difficult situation. When the other person is angry, it is better we stay calm. At the office, if we get an angry person as a manager, then that job will be a nightmare. Understand the person and talk according to his mood. Learn how to tackle and manage him and that you can learn only by observing and understanding him.
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    Calm is the key.
    Be patient and polite. Submit yourself to the deafening screams and impatient attitudes.
    Display your best calmness.
    I always ask arrogant people on face," are you like this to everyone or you're making me feel special? "
    No matter how rude or arrogant that person is, he'll not be able to be the same with you again that day.
    Because you caught his folly. You reminded him of his attitude. His shame and regret would restrain his painful attitude to a great degree.

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    Many times the arrogant people loose their steam if they do not get us hooked on their bait. It is very difficult and many time just futile to convince arrogant persons.So when we are convinced that we are right and sure, it is better not to get into arguing with them. Just ignore. Sometimes even ignoring them will provoke them.
    However the best part about arrogant persons is that we can predict about their behaviour. It will be in an exact pattern. So the moment w get the signals of start we can allow them to be themselves and not to give our time and effort on them.
    I read somewhere that 'to ignore or avoid some argumentative rough person is not accepting him but we deserve to give peace to ourselves'.

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    One more way and unique way to deal with such people to post threads or write online about arrogant people which can bring you sympathy and make you little happiness. Anyway, you are not directly confronting them so one can feel win-win situation which can minimize the pain.

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    Arrogant people always seems their equal level of persons with whom they interact easily. But one should not fear to deal with such kind of arrogant people irrespective of their level or status. One should understands the need of such kind of arrogant people and then after one should try to deal with them. If need is satisfied by anyone then arrogant people also starts to interact with any person at any level whether it may be need of esteem, need of any assist, need of any service, need of any support, need of any empathy, need of social, etc. Any person understands such philosophy in life then nothing is impossible to deal or interact with any person in the world.

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    I often silently thank such arrogant people when I come across them because if it weren't for such people I would not have had the chance to interact with such undeserving people. What I do is, I just step aside as I cannot take on such people argumentatively or stand up to them in their own way. It's just a waste of time and energy which would leave me sad or dejected. People can be visibly arrogant or subtly arrogant and they are always in a confrontational mode. I don't pay'much attention or importance to them. I maintain the basic discussion and then stay non-committal, if we give them the impression that we don't care, they can certainly get offended and create more trouble for us.

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