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    Who is the jewel of your friend circle?

    We have our own friend circle. We enjoy with them, go for outing with them, sometimes quarrel with them but we can not live without them. They are part and parcel of our life.

    Childhood friends generally remain lifetime friends. During our journey in life we make more friends in our workplace or society.

    Now out of your friend circle some will be very cordial and lovable personalities while others may be of average behaviour. You might have assessed them time to time. Out of the lot someone will be shining out like a jewel.

    Have you ever noticed who is the jewel of your friend circle?
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    Yes we wont have the cordial and close relations with all the friends and some are very near and dear to us. Such friends may be less and they are always with us in good and bad times. They are the real jewels.
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    We may have many friends. But all are not the best friends. We will have a more close relationship with only a few friends. We will be moving together and be sharing our problems and personal issues also with them. Such friends will be less in number. Our friends will be generally of our nature only. Only with such people only we will intimacy. Then only our wavelengths match. So selecting the jewel from them is difficult. If you are jewel 99% of your friends will also be jewels only. Selecting the best jewel from jewels is really a difficult task.
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    I think my all friends from school days are like jewels to me and expensive ones, but yes as the author said some of them shine brighter than other and keep the friendship intact no matter how far away we live. They have certain qualities which keep us bound to them no matter how much ups and downs we face. I admire all of these jewels and want to keep them with me until the very end of my life.
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    Yes, there are always some selected group of people in our friend circle whom we consider as jewels of the group.
    Well, I don't have one, I have a group of five friends who I consider jewels of my group, and want all of them to be always happy.
    In college group jewels are different and in school friends group, I have two to three people as my jewel piece of friends.

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    Many times this not expressed but exhibited by our natural behaviour.
    Though we have many friends one will be the 'best among the equals'. The one we consider as real jewel.
    I think even in the present commercial world also such jewels exist.

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    We all make friendships and drift apart as we grow or move on with life. But there would be a handful of people who will always stay in our hearts and mind and we think of them in good times and difficult times. These are people who would have our wishes and prayers to grow and be happy. These individuals are certainly worthy of being called as the Jewels in our circle of friends. We realise their worth only when they stand by us during out difficult times without even being asked for. We should cultivate such friendships and as we take care of the jewels, we have to treasure such friends too.

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