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    Have you prepared the ' Maanja" for the kites ?

    Sankranthi is fast approaching and in Hyderabad there is a tradition to celebrate the festival by flying kites of varied size. This time the International Kite festival is going to be held from 13th Jan to 15th Jan at Parade Ground in Secunderabad in which kite lovers from foreign countries are going to participate with their exquisite varieties. In our city the Maanja is prepared with great care by mixing glass powder and other items and then smeared to the strong threads available in the market and these Maanja would form the front thread of the kites and in the event of fight between kites, the best Maanja would win by cutting the other kite through Paynch we call in local language.
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    The thread made me remember my young days. I and my friends were very much fond of kite flying. We used to have competition for the best looking kite and the strong kite. On the day of Sankranti, or you can say 3-4 days before only, we started kite flying. We used to play on terrace. Our parents would scold us, then we used to go in the ground.

    Though, I have never made manjha with glass powder, my brother would do that. Though he would be scolded by mother, but that did not stop him. It would take him 4-5 days to prepare the manjha.


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    It is a big festival for Hyderabadis. We used to fly kites for at least a week before and after the festival. I never prepared maanja on my own but we used to purchase whatever is available on the market. My second is used to like this kite flying a lot. But now they are also busy with their jobs and we are also not having that much time these. That too for the festival only one day holiday for the offices. This year I think Pongal is on Sunday and Monday is Makara Sankranti. So now we are not that active in these kites flying. Another observation is the festival is also losing its importance a little.The number of kite fliers is reducing.
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    Kite flying is a very interesting and exciting event. Manja or the thread used to fly kites is a very important tool associated with it.Every year on sankranti one can see the sky colourful.
    The day is filled with festivity . Sankranti is never complete without flying a kite. This reminds me of Kai po che a movie ...which means to succeed or having cut.
    Without a manja a kite is not cut. A strong manja is required .It is attached to the kite and then flown to the sky and each one wants to collect as many kites by cutting others .
    Manja is available in the market ,but few people know the trick of making a good manja.
    Kite flying is all about fun, people gather and there is joy and excitement all over. But, one has to be very careful while using it. It should not be flown in streets or roads, as it can cause accidents. It is best to fly kites in open spaces on grounds.
    Basant panchmi in north is also associated with kite flying.

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    Up to my college days, I've had the delight of having flying kites from rooftops or the playgrounds around our homes ( now the grounds have disappeared). Although we had no fierce competition, we used to try cutting the other kites only if we were in a group. Trying this alone was risking a standoff or a fight with other teenagers of the neighbouring streets. I have not prepared the manja but had many cuts using readymade reels. We learnt a simple trick of applying cello tapes or duct tape (red/black) that used to be at home. This would be clumsy at times but certainly, the thumb and index fingers were in better shape.
    Looking back, now it seems that kite flying was not everything about the Sankranthi but a part of the festivities to encourage people to gather around, have a friendly competition and enjoy the event.

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    Yes, I have done it during my teenage. It bring nostalgia for my kid's days with my father who was trying to teach me how to fly a kite. He only taught me how to do Maanja and how to fight in air with kite to kite. It is very interesting when you are having kite fight, you actually having mind game with other person's kite. My father used to tell me that when you have kite fight, make other kite to sweat it out first. Let him play his own game till you just try to save yourselves and suddenly you act to cut the other kite. It was not as if I always have won and cut others but I do remember that in a day, I cut 14 kites before someone cut me out. Later, I used to do Maanja with my own trying out differently like using eggs too.

    However, kite should be fly on plain field which are not available in town but very carefully when you are flying it on terrace. Its improve eye sight as well as improve the brain power as I have heard don't know how much it is true.

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    While I was a small boy, I used to make my own kite and fly it for fun. Just a News paper was enough for me. Though I heard about Maanja, I never used it. Kite flying is not very famous in my area.
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