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    Suggest name for tourism company


    I am going to start new tourism company. Can anyone suggest me names? Name should be short and catchy and related to tours, travel, imagination, etc.
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    Nice, I know it is difficult to find good name. As i had lot of trouble in finding names myself. Try these names on mca website and you can suffix like tours pvt ltd, travel pvt ltd or etc. Best of luck.


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    Girish travels will be a good name. Girish is your name also. I think you can try that. Another name comes to my mind is Pushpaka travels. Pushpaka Vimanam is the flight used by Rama to come from Lanka to Ayodhya after winning the war on Ravana and after releasing Sita,
    The Speciality of this flight is there is no limit for its capacity. You can accommodate as many people as you want. So you may like this name also. You can try any one of these names.

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    I think an Indian name would be more appealing than any adjective.


    Etc. .; for examples.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Travel names should be neutral. Corporate and professional come from different walks of life and they should have a name that is easy, sounding friendly and should make them dream of their holidays and personally feel it should not reflect religion or personal names. You can have a religious name for the books but for the display, it should be different

    Dream Destinations
    Holiday Getaways
    Traveller's Delight
    Vacation fantasies

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    I agree with mr natrajan name of company should be neutral and easy going. So, that people remember it.

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