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    Do you say sorry to your juniors and subordinates ?

    Sometimes it happens because of misunderstanding wrong person or child gets punishment from the hands of teachers and parents.
    And also in offices, the wrong employee have to listen to the harsh words from the boss for someone else's mistake.
    It's really heart-breaking when we are on the part of a person being misunderstood but what if we are the one to have a misunderstanding and punishing the wrong person for the wrong reason especially people juniors to us.
    In such cases do you say sorry to them? When you realize that it was a mere misunderstanding?
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    Yes, I say sorry when I mistakenly behave badly with someone. Normally, since there is already a lead above me, I say sorry to him if I am made a mistake. He also sometimes says it when he unknowingly scolds me.

    In my family, normally it does not happen. But if it happens I say sorry. It is a nice gesture to apologize for a mistake or a misunderstanding from our side.

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    Asking sorry to seniors or juniors is not at all wrong when we did mistake or wrong really or if talk to them in the way of hurting them. But if our guts do not give room to ask sorry to juniors or seniors, we should keep ourselves in the way of not hurting them. By hurting them first by using our position and asking sorry later by realising is all waste.

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    Asking sorry is a nice gesture as it shows that we understood our mistake. That understanding is very much required for our development. I do not mind saying sorry, provided I am wrong. I do not distinguish between juniors or seniors while apologizing.
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    Saying sorry to a person is not with respect the person's status. But it must be based on the mistake you have committed affecting him. Even if it is a child you have to say sorry. Then only the other fellow will understand that it was your mistake and it was not with intention. The other person's impression about you will increase just because of this simple expression.
    Similar is the case with saying 'thaks' as a response for some help extended by somebody. The person helped you will get an impression that his actions have recognised. So make use of these two words, sorry and Thanks, where ever it is appropriate.


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    Irrespective of whether junior, younger or equal, I will say sorry profusely and sincerely when I realise that I have done some mistake or something wrong to them.

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    Yes, I say sorry when I did any mistake whether he or she is junior , senior or anybody else. We can resolve a small issue just by saying five character of words 'sorry'. Other person to whom we say sorry can understand that he/she realize the mistake. Not every seniour specially who have a high post and professionals never realize mistakes because they have ego and attitude.

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    There is nothing wrong to say sorry if we misunderstood a person or his calibre. No matter the opposite person is senior or junior, when he is right, then we are wrong. That means it is the time to say sorry. Normally ego plays in this regard. I have seen that some elders at the home who some times say wrong and then realise that they said wrong, but wont agree and instead try to reason out their way of convincing . In that process we get irritated and wont listen to them at all. A good teacher is a person who have the ability to understand the good and bad behaviour of child and even the student says something new and different to which the teacher is ignorant and unaware nothing wrong to say sorry and learn more from that student. Life is the learning process. Some leads we get from the elders, some from the friends, some from the books and some times from the younger ones which has to be accepted with all humiliation.
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    Saying sorry for wrongdoing is always a good gesture. When somebody got affected for our mistake whoever may the person it is our duty to say sorry. Our duty should not end there by simply telling sorry. We should help him and he will recover the loss he got because of our mistake. This should be true with all irrespective of the age or position or qualification. The other person may be a junior to your or he may be a subordinate to you or he may be younger to you or he may be less educated than you. But you should say sorry to him for the mistake you have done and you should see that he will be out of a problem which he is facing because of your misdeed. But many people will feel that telling sorry to a junior is a sin. But that is wrong thinking and there are no relations between the two anywhere and anytime.
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    To be frank, Yes, I do say sorry to my subordinates and I feel no ashamed for it if it is my misunderstanding or my mistakes. I know, if they are with me, I can do my work easily without any difficulty. People in higher post, gets trouble often when they don't try to understand people working under them.

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    Respect should not be commanded by seniority or age alone. It should be earned by maturity and being human. One of the ways to show that we are mature is when we can say sorry to our juniors without any qualm or reservations. I have done this a few times when things go wrong under my watch and I have to be firm or sound rude, once things pass by, I have a chat with the person concerned and reason out why, surprising people like it and change. Just because one is the boss, it does not give him or her the authority that they are error proof or that they can shout at any one. In fact, such people forget that they lose their image or value in front the eyes of the subordinates who always look up to their seniors or supervisors for guidance.
    I think in India, we grow up with the idea that we should fear the boss, we should fear the teacher, we should fear our elders and we cannot question them as they cannot be wrong. So, even if they make mistakes, they feel it is acceptable and don't even think of a polite word of sorry. This has to change, only then fear will be replaced by respect.

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