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    The unknown uses of ridgeguard

    *The leaves of the creeper of ridgeguard can be made juice and if applied wounds of any type will get cured.

    *If one consumes half glass of the fresh juice of ridge guard daily mornimg in empty stomach all eye related disorders get cured because of its rich content of beta carotin.

    *As the particle in the ridgeguard has power of purifying our human blood, pimples and skin related disorders.

    * Many skin disorders cured by regular usage of ridge guard. Dried Ridgefield is used to brush the body while bathing. This is in practice even today in many places.

    *Ridge guard contains good volume of betacarotin helps to our eyes great extent. A drop of fresh juice of Ridgefield removes eye soar, redness in eyes, burning sensation of eye

    * Ridge guard seems having rough skin but helps the human to a great extent. It keeps our eyes, lever,skin and kidney to function properly.
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    Ridge guard is called 'Turai' or Turi ,Tori in Hind(variations), Turiya in Gujarati, Peechinga in Malayalam, Peerkangaai in Tamil Beera Kaai in Telugu and Jhinga in Bengali.
    Due to its spongy and fibrous interior it is also known as sponge gourd.
    At our home we use the tender fruits as ingredient for a side dish with meals or as main dish with roti. . But it can be used like any other vegetable.

    The spongy fibrous inside of the well ripened and well dried one s was used as brush-cum soapy cleaner while bathing in our young days. Those times these were almost perennial growths, growing by themselves in the fence and roadside.
    I feel the irony when I had and have to buy the same for a price after moving to town life.

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    This is a common vegetable but having so many good effects on health and has so many varied uses, thanks to author for bringing out so elaborately in this thread.

    In many parts of India it is consumed regularly and now a days it is a costly vegetable. It comes in 2-3 types and has a great tasty combination when mixed with capsicum and potato in vegetable. Some places people take ridge guard and potato cooked as dry vegetable with curd.

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    It is the best vegetable used very frequently in our house. the skin of the vegetable is also made as a chutney and used as a side dish. When we boil this vegetable in a little water it will quickly get boiled and the water remaining can be used as Rasam by adding all other ingredients what we use for making Rasam except water. The vegetable is very good and can be made different types of curries. The author has given a good information about the uses of this vegetable and the values it has a medicine. Thanks to the author for the information. This vegetable will have a lot of water and the quantity of raw vegetable required will be more when compared to many other vegetables.
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    Isn't it ridge gourd and not ridge guard?
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    Glad to know that the Ridge Gourd has a good amount of beta carotene. We eat at home regularly as it is sweet to taste to the sambhar or a vegetable curry and is good for both rice or chapathis.

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