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    Knowledge is the only jewel that follows you till death

    Knowledge is definitely a jewel. The jewel that increases as you share. A wise man with no gemstones or diamonds will be valued and respected more than a man with a lot of wealth and less knowledge. Whatever wealth we acquire during our stay here is left behind as we leave this earth but we take our knowledge with us to our grave.

    A man with diamonds and stones in his locker will have nightmares and sleepless nights but a man who has knowledge need not worry about any thieves. Knowledge is the only jewel that cannot be stolen away. When a person dies, his heirs fight for wealth but not for his knowledge. Free and happy is the man who has knowledge. He will not run behind wealth living behind his loved ones. As he knows the biggest wealth he can ever acquire is with him.
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    Great thought by the author. Knowledge is the only jewel that we possess until death. We are not going to take any money and treasures when we will die. It is only our knowledge that will remain forever.
    It will make us wise and thoughtful human beings. It is the only thing that will help us progress in life.
    It is actually the jewel in our life, the most important piece.

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    Nice thread. There is a saying in Tamil " Thottil Pazhakkam sudukadu mattum" that means what ever we get through inheritance or learn as knowledge it shall continue until our death.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    In the journey of life we acquire knowledge slowly and gradually and a day comes when we are enriched to quite a good degree and are always enchanted with this knowledge.

    Knowledge is not only the academic part of it but the real thing in it is which gives us capability to decipher things and understand new ideas. Acquiring knowledge is only a beginning for a successful and enlightened life.

    It is not only the acquisition of knowledge that counts but using it with wisdom and intelligence is much more important in life.

    The knowledge acquired and used in a purposeful manner in life remains with us in the last hours of our physical existence in this world.

    Knowledge is power.

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    knowledge is a real jewel. It is an ornament for the person. A rich man may be respected in his own place. But a knowledgeable man will be respected anywhere and everywhere. When you are in a foreign and your education is the only relative there to rely on. As you spend your knowledge it will go on increasing. There is no diminishing factor here once you acquire it. The more you spend the more it will grow. This is a real fact of life. If you are a knowledgeable man you will live in this world after your death also. People will remember you for your scholarly works and knowledge. In fact, knowledge is more than a jewel.
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    True, If you have knowledge for something, you can survive it better in tough situations in our life. Suppose, if you are working or you have your job and you just lost it. You may or may not get paid up to the same salary you are getting. Or after some age getting job become tough. This is here you knowledge for something in particular save you. It brings the reason to survive you in this world. It should not be only related to academic but anything which can provide you good return. So, Knowledge is must for anyone.

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    True, Knowledge is a jewel that a human carries everywhere he goes or comes and it follows him to death and helps him too during any difficulty he faces in his lifetime. And if someone believes in the old myths related to religion this jewel keeps on helping humans after death too because of the deeds he has performed in the life with the use of his knowledge he lives in luxury after death too. for eg- It was knowledge of Yudishter which made him pass the test and save the life of himself and his brothers when Yaksha took the test while his brothers died because of their Ignorance.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Knowledge is the precious jewel or asset that cannot be stolen, not reduced by sharing, increases more on giving to others,talked about even after one's death.
    The traditional Sanskrit verse below applies to knowledge and is relevant to be quoted here.

    "Na chora haaryam, cha na Raja haaryam, na bhraatru bhaajyam, na bhaarakaari
    Vyayam krute vardhat evam nityam, vidhyadhanam sarvadhanaat pradhaanam."

    (It cannot be stolen by thief, cannot be confiscated by king, it cannot be divided among brothers,
    it is not even heavy ;
    Even when spent daily it keeps growing knowledge is the most important of all wealth.)

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    A good use of the word jewel to describe a good powerful accessory armanament in human lives, How ever rich or talents one is, it is knowledge alone that comes to the rescue for many of us. It is not only book knowledge, it is the knowledge we gain in life everyday observing events and things around us. Knowledge ultised and passed on is much better that knowledge gained alone. Most of us have heard the phrase wise old men, similarly we should pay heed to the wisdom of elders at home as it its their knowledge gained in their lives that is being imparted to us. Nobody can steal our knowledge although in modern world, intellectual theft does happen.

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