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    Largest Diaspora population- India

    The term Diaspora is used to describe a community of people who live outside thier country of origin. The UN has released world migration report whose statics shows that india has the largest diaspora population with slightly more than 15.6 million people living overseas as reports by the international organisation for migration. The indian diaspora makes 6% of the total number international migrants which is about 243 millon as in 2015.India has the largest diaspora in the world and Mexico the second largest followed by Russia ,china and Bangladesh and this figure has risen by 10% as recorded in 2010.whereas The Gulf nations house biggest share of the indian dispora which is 22% or 3.5 milllion of the total indian diaspora population and the second most preferred destination for indian diaspora population is USA
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    Nice information provided by the author. Every year during January NRI meet would be held and all the diaspora of India origin are addressed by the Prime Minister. Time and again it was stressed that those who have gone from India for better prospects must return back to the country and share their knowledge and experience to those who can benefit from them. Like wise those who have left from their villages must return to those village and adopt them so that basic things which are lacking must be provided. That way each diaspora can play a vital role in developing our country in big way. What is the use of so many diaspora who have been settled and earning for themselves and not looking back to pay for the country from where they have been qualified to become big in other countries. They must have Mathru Bhoomi Devo Bhava cult in them.
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    Diaspora of population is good for the country. At present the domestic economy is not generating sufficient jobs. Population of various skills migrate to foreign countries to seek jobs and earn more money. The country is benefited with the foreign currency remittances by this population. The migration of Indians in particular attracting attention in some countries like the US, the UK and Australia. In these countries Indian migrants are being seen as a competitors to the locals in jobs available in these countries. We heard of some clashes because of this.

    The other side of the coin is the issue of brain -drain in case of migration of skilled and highly skilled population from the country. Such migration is a loss to the country. This issue is not being dealt with by the governments.
    I hope that there should be a policy for the migrating population.

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    Diaspora is a new word for me and this is the learning point for me for today. I am happy that our Indians are able to migrate to other countries and playing an important role in the built of those countries. Many people of Indian origin are well settled in many countries and some of them are playing very important roles in those countries.It is very proud to know. But the main concern here is they are going there after utilising the facilities available here for their education and training. That means our country is investing money in them and they are useful for other countries. This is very sorry state of affairs. if they remember this country where the got the skills required and knowledge required and contribute in their possible way for the betterment of their original land that will be of great help they can do to their motherland. Everyone should remember this and do something or other for the development of the country.
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    I think we should be wary of the Indian Diaspora not for the brain drain but because of the changing geo-political and economic landscape. Every country where we Indians found jobs is slowly becoming averse to our presence.
    The simple reason is the employers of Indians are now becoming employees themselves.

    Many countries have restrictions on visa, restriction on work permits, reservations for their own citizens first and then only for the expats. I foresee issues that is starting to stare at us. Our Indian population is ever increasings, thousands of graduates are already unemployed. People working abroad are being slowly finding it difficult to sustain themselves.

    Many gulf countries has struggling ecnomies with austerity measures for themselves which is a bad sign for us.
    Ever few months a report comes out of Kerala that expats are asking for compensation as they are sent jobless. Imagine half of these expats coming back to the country. Where is the space, where are the jobs?

    We would be finding are ourselves at the doorstep of a major crisis as the petro dollars and the remittances from overseas are going to fall drastically. I think the glory days of the Diaspora is behind us. We are seeing an increase in hate crimes being reported in USA, sporadic instances from other countries keep popping up regularly.

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