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    Do you know the reason behind having different voices in humans?

    We all have the same parts to our bodies but we all are different like that voice is also different of every individual. When any known person call you with unknown number and we can easily identify him/her through a voice.
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    Every one of us are having voice chord inside the mouth and that will enable us to give different voice better than others. Voice modulation is also one of the reason for better voice chord. When the child is born, the elders at the home in village side would put Korojanam, liquid to the child tongue so that the baby gets good voice and great voice. That is why we can see some people are gifted with greater and strong voice and some would talk soberly and others wont even understand them. But really appreciate those who have the knack of talking over cell phone without revealing what they are conversing with each other. Such would be the low voice of them. Nevertheless voice has become integral part of personality development. Those who can talk loudly are considered to be great and gains much respect in the society.
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    Even though all of us are having the same parts. They differ in their sizes. some people will have longer legs and some may have shorter legs. Similarly, some may have longer hair and some may have shorter hair. The differences are there in all aspects not only voice. The sound is measured by decibels like length is measured by meters. So the voice decibels will vary from person to person basing on the vocal cord or also known as the vocal folds.The difference in vocal fold length and thickness between males and females causes a difference in vocal pitch. These are composed of twin infoldings of mucous membranes.They get stretched horizontally, from back to front, across the larynx. They vibrate, modulating the flow of air being expelled from the lungs during phonation. Open when breathing and vibrating for speech. I feel the differences in the vocal fold only will make the difference.
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    Although we are all humans, we have different voice as we are different in various aspects. Anyone would be amazed to hear the voice of Mr. Amitabh Bachan. Some are gifted with a rich baritone voice like him. Our voices depends on the our voice box, the height, the build, the early training and guidance, the lung capacity etc. Often we note children's voice change when mature or go past puberty. This is often seen in choir singing children or children who sing songs suddenly find that they do not sound as good as they were a few years earlier.

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