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    Now Delhi Metro Cards can be used in 250 buses

    The Delhi transport minister in a project to merge metro and bus travel said that the Delhi metro cards will be valid in 250 select city buses out of which 200 will be the low floor buses and 50 cluster buses in the capital.Although the idea of merging the delhi metro and buses came in the 2010 but was due to technical issues and lack of political will .

    During the trial the Electronic Ticketing Machine which is used by bus conductors to generate tickets would be used, in which the metro cards would be tapped on the ETM in a bus, and the ticket would be generated, after the trial period a new card would be generated with both the delhi metro and delhi government etched on it and commuters would be able to purchase and recharge these cards at all metro stations ,railway stations ,airports ,inter state bus terminals and DTC bus pass counters
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    Good move from the Delhi Government as it has now facilitated the Metro rail card to be merged with few select bus services and that would prove a benefit for the daily commuters who use bus and train combination to reach their destination and back home. Why because trains routes cannot be laid in every thickly populated area and the commuters have to use the bus to reach the nearest Metro station. In Hyderabad too modalities are being worked out to have same Metro pass card for the TSRTC buses and Metro trains. In fact the mini air conditioned buses which are now running from other districts to the city of Hyderabad would be put into service there by greater coordination between bus and train travel can be made. By the way in its first month operation on one single corridor, the Hyderabad Metro has transported 30 lakh passengers , ie 1 lakh passengers per day.
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    If true it is an awesome news for daily travelers in Delhi, As during the Rush hours it becomes really difficult to find a way to travel in Delhi. With this facility, it will be more easy and convenient for all the metro card users to travel and also help college and school going students who use this form of transport. I wish this scheme to be implemented as soon as possible.
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    It is a very good move I think. The commuters will have a single card which can be used for both the bus travel and the metro travel. There is no separate ticket or card for bus, One card for two journeys.This will save a lot of time and very convenient to the commuters. I appreciate the decision and I hope this move will be appreciated by Delhi people and slowly it will be extended to other cities also.
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    Today I read in local newspaper that Kochi metro is also thinking of such a thing and using Kochi metro card for use in Kochi city buses.

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