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    How to cope up with adversities?

    In the journey of life, many times we are bogged down by various difficulties and complications.

    Sometimes we achieve the desired objectives while other times failures discourage us and we land in state of desperation and lose confidence.

    In some extreme circumstances, people even lose their mental strength and go in the state of depression.

    What is the way out and how to cope with it? This is a question which has intrigued everyone who has gone through such turmoil.

    What in your opinion is the way to cope up with such adversities?
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    Never expect every attempt in our life would be successful and if you succeed that would be bonus for you. By having this kind of thinking pattern and mentality. we are giving room for introspection by ourselves that in every field there are immense competition and in that we cannot stand alone as the winner. In fact we must appreciate ourselves that you are one of the competitor with others and that itself a big success. And one more thing by accepting the defeat or failure, you have more scope for refining and coming with bang is sure and assured. That is why some people take loss or loosing the game sportively.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Umesh, Start learning musical instruments, if you are in depression situation. It will not only help you to come out of it but will bring fresh strength in you. However, I would like to mention here that it all depend on your internal will power than your outer strength. Nothing can beat you no matter what, if you are internally strong to cope up with all your difficulties. So, we should make our body and mind such strong so that we should not bow down with any circumstances.

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    When we have high expectations and when we are not able to achieve that expectation we may have this problem. Those situations should be faced very boldly. We should not give up that task. We should analyse why we have a failure. Where is the mistake? Where have we gone wrong? did we choose a wrong path? All these questions we should put ourselves and get the answers. Once we have the analysis with us it will become easy for us to correct the mistake and take a forward success. So when there is a failure instead of getting panic, if we have a study done and rectify the mistake we will definitely successful Many times we heard that failures are the stepping stones of success.
    But if we get panic and tensed for a failure we can't do any work. First of all, we should not feel the failures are unwanted. If there is no failure you can't understand the sweetness of success. Take lessons from your failures and march towards victory.

    always confident

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    Life without adversity would be boring. It is at such times that we realize the true value of people around us and about ourselves. When faced with adversity, it is human nature to be disheartened or feel sad but we should learn to move on. Life should go on with the understanding that things happen and we have to take it as an experience about failures, about how not to do things etc rather than just brooding over it. We should give it a good thought as to how and why things went wrong and try to look for mistakes or learning points from such events.

    Nobody wants to be a failure in life but all of us cannot be winners. It is an event that occurs over a time span, we should focus on time in hand and unexplored opportunities when we hit a hurdle that we cannot overcome. We need to find that inner strength to be calm, have faith and hope that things will improve.

    As students, if we have a difficult in understanding a chapter, we ask our teachers or elders to help us. Similarly,each adversity is like a difficult lesson in a book, we should have to maturity to learn and sometimes go to the next lesson and then re-visit the previous lesson after getting some guidance as help may not be always at hand for us in life.

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