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    Having trouble staying logged in

    I am facing a problem staying logged into the site. Each time I navigate from one section to another, I get logged out. I am working on an article and each time I try to upload an image, for instance, I get logged out. When I log in again and go to 'my draft' the saved copy opens. When I try to edit it, I get logged out.

    The same is happening when I try to shift from the forum to other sections. I have been facing this issue since yesterday. Is anyone else having a similar problem? I am having to log in every few minutes and am losing precious time, doing so.

    Is there a quick way to resolve this problem?
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    Please check this -
    1. Go to (available via your dashboard if you cannot access it here.)

    2. See if you have selected the 'Disable' option under the heading of 'Enhanced Security Settings.'

    If you are still having a problem, let us know and I will request Tony Sir to check it out.

    Note that I have experienced log out issues like yours once or twice, but not frequently and not in the last few days. In fact, I was recently able to type out articles directly on two occasions and submit it without any log out issues.

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    Sometimes I also experienced this problem. But not frequently. Once or twice previously happened like this. In the forum section after typing the content when I click on submit button it is going login page. Then I am coming back saving the typed information and then again logging in and pasting the saved matter and then submitting. Occasionally it happens when we take a little extra time on typing this is happening.

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    The setting is enabled. I just logged in again, after my initial post. I will leave a message here, for a follow-up, if the problem persists.

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    The problem persists. I tried using another internet connection but am faced with the same problem.

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