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    Don’t you think that our life is like a Jewel?

    What the first image comes to in our mind when we think of a "Jewel"? Obviously, the image which comes in our mind is of a precious Stone. A beautiful stone which can be used as an ornament. Wearing ornament is a very old tradition and both Men and women used to wear it. In recent time, it has become vastly used by women than men. However, do we think that the Jewel looks as attractive when it is found? The plain answer is NO, it has to be cut into shapes, it has to be crafted artistically and it has to be polished smoothly to look beautiful and to look attractive. If it is not cared, it has no value.

    Our life is more or less same like a Jewel. When we come into this world and when we started having our own thinking, we are like a Jewel which has just come out open in the world. We get shaped by our parents thinking, we get crafted by their all well wishes and cared and then we are polished by our teachers. We all human are no less than a Jewel as what I personally think. We can make the world look like heaven and it is we who can make it like hell. The universe is having both evil and good people, it don't make any differences and hold us in its arm. Now, it is left to us if we go by the path where we can be called as a Jewel or Evil.

    Being as a Jewel, we can make this world more beautiful and attractive. However, I don't mean being as a Jewel, you need to accept everything comes in your life showing your good heart. You need to stand against too whenever situations demand. You need to stand with the truth whether being like a Gandhi or Bhagat Singh, the choice is yours.

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    A good thought. Life is a jewel and you can shape to look more attractive. This act is in your hands This all depends on you are brought by your elders and how you are learning from your experiences and education and behaviour. A true as[ect of life. But shaping your life like a jewel will entirely in your own hands. That is why people always say the individual only responsible for his progress.
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    LIfe is a jewel in itself. This piece of jewelry is given to us by GOD.
    I would rather say, that he has been sending every human being as a little jewel on this earth. So that we could understand our values and spread the message of love among each other.
    Just like every little crystal of a jewel shines bright, we have to shine brightly with our values, our ambitions, leading to happiness.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    We are God made jewels. Yes, life is precious and that is why we are selfish when it comes to our life. But to make our life a real jewel, I feel we should do something great for the world we live in. I can say Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a jewel. I can never compare myself with him, hence in that context, I am not at all a jewel.
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    The author has a point here when he compares our own life to a well crafted jewel. Our life is subject to many a chiselling, grinding and polishing which make us refined and shine like jewels. He also brings out that a good jewel should also be able to resist abrasions and scratches.

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    A nice comparison of an uncut rock-like piece to a person's life. As the rock like dull stone is fashioned to a brilliant shining diamond, so are we shaped by many hands as we grow up. This is hard work but the final product is worth it. Similarly, shaping one's life and becoming a good example of a human being is not easy but at the end, such a life would be worthy. There are many people like our noble freedom fighters, people who sacrifice themselves for our country, such legends are still alive even though they are mere mortals whose lives have ended long ago. Yes our lives are worth being called as Jewels as long as we are worthy of it and our behaviour befits it.

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