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    Hum hi Hum Hai To Kya Hum Hai, Tum Hi Tum Ho To Kya Tum Ho?

    I am sorry to make the title in Hindi because had I translated in English the weight of the sentence might lose its value.

    We all might have remember this dialogue in the film "Border" where an Army Officer and Air Force officer were having sweet argument as who is better. But, It ended with the sentence - hum hi hum hai to kya hum hai, tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho". The English translation goes like this -""what am I just being me, what are you just being you?" In the movie the situation was for a war and it was said like why don't we unite together and work instead of being it with just ourselves.

    The same goes with in our real life too where we work together in an organisation. Our Goal is to achieve something together without having the ego of "I" and "You". A team only achieve success when it has to be work together. Only thinking that I am the best and my opinion is better that "you" attitude only brings verbal fight and nothing else. The authority people have to work without neglecting other people in team, he/she has to bring all in one roof instead of teaming up with other authority people. The faster we understand this is the better.
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    Teamwork is always better. A leader should always think of the team. In a team, if a person is responsible for some good work he can be rewarded but the final outcome should be attributed to the team only. Everybody should work as a complementary to the other person. We should develop a type of belongingness and work together for achieving the organisation goals as a team. Then Organisation will progress and with the Organisation the team will also progress. I observed some people get the work done by the subordinates and report all the successful matters to the higher-ups as his own achievements and any failures will be attributed the other person involved. This is a very bad quality of the person. But if the top boss is like Drutharatra, these people who attribute all the success to them only will shine better.
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    A good thought Mr.Jeet Singh for those in a team. Each one of us have a set of skills better than the other person, but if we do not combine our strengths for a common cause, then we defeat the purpose of the team concept.
    Each member of a team has to understand that their contribution is relevant and vital along with the rest but alone, it would certainly be a wasted effort. This applies to many aspects of our profession and offices. Once each member gets to perform for the benefit of the team and the firm and Not for themselves, then the targets, quality of work and productive value of the team will certainly improve a lot. The job of the team leader or a senior member of the team should also include ironing out the differences between members, enable them to be productive and appreciate the team as a whole. Once multiples teams work in tandem in an organisation, then the entire organisation standout in many performance related reports.

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    In personal life or at the office we have to keep our ego and self esteem aside and must work with all those who are equal and subordinate to us. Only today I had been to a pharma company manufacturing medicines for the cattle across the world. The owner of the company was so modest that he shall work with the employees, bring the water for those who are starving , drive the vehicle to the delivery point and at the same time take full work from the work force and in the evening he gives wholesome money for the celebration of good day that gone. Such attitude was rare and i was totally floored by his attitude.
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