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    Why new members do not retain to the ISC?

    I am a member of this ISC site since 2009 and from the very first day, I determined to stick with the site. The article section impressed me a lot because one is paid according to the effort one put in. The genuine reviews of the site help me.

    But I really wonder, why the number of new members does not stick to the website for a long time? Why do new members not find the positive aspects of ISC?

    Do you think, the main and positive features of the ISC are not observed quickly?
    Do you think, new members should see these features at a glance?

    Actually, the site is very big and a new member cannot see the all aspects at a time and this is the reason why many new members do not stick to the site.

    Do you agree, for the first time, when new member log in, a quick tour should help him or her to get the salient features of the site to be visible?

    What are your views?
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    The people who want to have fast bucks may not stick to this site long. The reason is very well known. The earnings here will be secondary but knowledge is more important. But many people start with a thread like how much I can earn on this site, how fast I can earn on this site. Such people may not stick. But people who are really interested in learning some new aspects and who wants to contribute to the learning of others will definitely stick to this site. These days have seen many new members are also very active on this site. But some may leave as they want to start earning from the day one and that to hefty amounts.
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    I totally agree with you Sir, but the fact is few of them who left the site initially are very good members and they do not see the features of the site by exploring it.

    If some salient features of the site are mentioned during the first time login or welcome email, 2 out of 10 members try to be with ISC. Ultimately marketing also plays a role nowadays.

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    I do respect the contents shared by the author . What I feel from my personal experience that new members were under the impression that they get paid for every answer they make in forum section or raise the post. But on finding nothing coming out even after sharing considerable post, then get dejected and keep low. And they do wait till the month end when the revenue share bonus is announced. And by chance if there name is not found, the feel dejected and curse themselves for having allotted so much time and got nothing in sharing knowledge with this site. This is the reality.
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    There are two main reasons why people join these type of creative sites. The first and foremost is to horn their imaginative skills and develop their knowledge and writing power in various ways for which of course ISC has many interesting sections.

    The second reason is to make some money, may be small, in the process.

    It is not a place to just pass ones time as one has to compete with so many expert writers and knowledgeable people in their own areas. Many people who just come here and peep into the inside creative world of ISC find that it is not their cup of tea and sooner or later quit it.

    So some of them stay but a majority is leaving after a brief spell. It is happening at all the similar sites in internet where the total membership may be in thousands at any given point of time but the active members will be a few hundred or may be less.

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    ISC is not a social networking site, there is not much scope to exchange pictures, interact informally. This is an educative site with a high standard and quality in the forum, article section and ask the expert section.
    Members interacting may initially be attracted by the sections, registration is free, so no harm in registering, after sometime they may realize that it is not their cup of tea and move on.
    Some may use this as a launch platform for their writing skills, to test their creative streak and the article section. Once this is done, they develop their confidence and improve their English in a professional written format, they move on. I would be happy about such members, as indirectly the site and the members would have helped them in the long run.
    Some may register just for its knowledge, i.e they may read the articles/forum but not interact with posting replies.Like the others have highlighted, some members may join for the revenue part of it and find that the amount is not great, they would move on.
    Some may not have the time to read,learn and then contribute in ISC. So, I feel the layout is very clear, if someone wants to find things, they can navigate the site easily. A virtual tour is a good idea if it's a commercial site, maybe we would need it in the future.

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