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    How to get a good and fresh topic to discuss?

    ISC forum section is indeed a "Jewel", it has the attraction to bring people. So, we must try to post such fresh topic instead of repeating the same what is already has been discussed. Even though, the subject is old, What I personally feel that the title should be attractive.

    So, how one can get a fresh topic when the internet is flowing with every ideas? If we try to do little hard work, we can get the fresh idea. We have so much thoughts coming up everyday while seeing something, we should note it down and later create a topic. The other way, we can search good and interesting topic in the net and create the fresh content.

    Members, please join me in this thread and provide your idea as how to get or create new topic for our forum.
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    The way of creating a new interesting topic is the point of discussion here. Generally, many of the ideas we get while we go through the newspaper of the day or while we read some articles on the internet or during the discussion with other colleagues. sometimes we get ideas while reading the other forums. From these sources only we will be getting new ideas and other related discussions. These discussions will lead to new posts.
    It is always useful to read some points on the internet and searching for new topics. When we go through these things we may not be able to get a complete understanding of the issue. Then we may require some more clarifications or discussions. Such things can be started here as a new thread which will be discussed by many people.

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    Interesting query. I do not think it is necessary to look up the Net for a topic. In fact, it should not be so. It will kill spontaneity and make the forum boring. The idea to note down a topic as & when it pops up in the head is a good one, though. Practically everyone carries a smartphone around. The notes icon on the screen can be used in such a case, instead of leaving it as a barely used or a never used feature!

    I also feel one should raise threads on what one observes. Just now I posted one such observation about the fascination children have for steps. Similarly, let our experiences of day to day life be brought out by converting it into a topic which can be discussed. We see so many things around us while we commute to work or go to the local store, we communicate with people, family members share their day with us .......there is so much out there with potentiality as a forum thread.

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    ME, your rightly said! We can noted it down in our smartphones and I do that often. While searching in net, I mean to get interesting topic and not content, once you get a good topic, one can easily craft it the way they want to bring it out. Sometimes, we may forget or might not easily get few words, searching on net ideas comes open. I do that often to search a good topic only, the content comes out my own.

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    {Jeet Singh, I don't want to take this nice thread off track, but would like to request you to not address me as ME in general threads. Refer to this thread.}
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    One thing I would like to say very frankly related to this thread topic about forum topics: I seriously think we should bury these topics if we want fresh ones -
    1. What women wear and do - why the women are only targetted for behaviour & dress codes? Why constantly talk at all about how people in general dress or behave, such as going to a pub or drinking?
    2. Why are people proud, impolite, arrogant, etc etc (heartily sick of this topic!)
    3. How to face challenges and related things like being positive, getting out of negativity, etc etc (totally fed up with reading all such threads!)
    4. Indo-Pak relations. Yes, we are all patriotic, but aren't we having relations (good or bad) with other countries? It is like in the cricket or hockey competitions - we get all patriotic only when Indo-Pak games are on!

    This is not meant to hurt any ISCian who raises such threads and do not think that this is some kind of indication that we will delete such threads (if put differently, we won't). It is just my personal view. I am mentioning which threads I personally really would not like to see anymore due to these already being discussed threadbare, being repetitive & not really having any further illuminating aspects to discuss. One may say that new members joining will have a fresh perspective, but I've been around as an ISCian since so long now and somehow I have not really seen any new views as such on what I call "thakela" (tired) topics.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Vandana the ME, sorry to take off track but the same "Thakela" topic gets "CC". like you can see a thread "how to deal with arrogant people?" So, what does a member think? Is not you are encouraging to post such thread while providing CC?

    I have no mean to offend you, it is just a simple curious question came in my mind.

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    Dr. Rao - if we just pick up topics from other fora, then how will our forum be different? I think Jeets is also implying that in a way, that we should have topics which will be unique to our forum. Who knows, other fora may be picking up our unique thread topics to discuss on their platforms!

    Yes, reading the newspaper may bring some topic to mind, but, again, I am sure 99% of ISCians read the news, likely more on the Net. Sharing what others will also likely have read is not so fresh, is it? What I suggest is that, instead of bringing to the forum here the main news items on front pages, why not bring on the table some small, interesting snippet which could have different angles to discuss about? For example, many of you may have read about the traffic policeman who dances while on duty in Chennai. But suppose a discussion comes up on this - is he an inspiration? is it appropriate to make dance moves while on duty? won't it distract motorists?

    I know that what interests one ISCian may not interest another, but that's the whole point of this thread - try to get something new & fresh, which will surely get more than just a handful of ISCians to talk about it!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    For me what ever comes into my mind at the time of discussing with others, or while driving or sitting alone and thinking about other matter. Suddenly the ideas would flash and I note them on a piece of paper and then share here for the members to know and respond. While current affairs and trending topics are always I come to know through the news from television and internet, many things what I share are from personal experience and that would relate one or the other. That way members also feel free to respond immediately as the matter appended was their known subject.
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    Jeet Singh,

    With reference to your query in #621901: We would appreciate it if members did not frequently raise a query as to why points & cc were awarded to a thread. I do not think it right to question actions of forum editors on this every now and then. However, I will answer your query once and for all. With regard to the thread topic, in some cases, like in this one, the thread is shifted to pending & I will discuss it with the other forum editors. Then accordingly we will decide to let it run or delete it as per the general consensus. Same with the points and cc.

    (Do not discuss this further please & take the thread off-track.)

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Vandana the ME,

    See this - 2. Why are people proud, impolite, arrogant, etc etc (heartily sick of this topic!) in your response number

    Had you not stated this, I would not have question.

    And, no one is questioning you if at all such question comes you should take it sportingly instead of showing grudge over it.

    We are talking new changes in 2018, I doubt if you are ready for it. In just small question you get offended?

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    It is not easy to generate a good forum thread, at least for me. Like movies be made, every now and then good movies come out in the middle of a string of average movies. Similarly, we have to post a few threads to get a good one. A good thread can be on an average subject but the way it is presented counts a lot apart from the subject itself. For me, if something stands out, if some information or concept catches my attention, I try to see if it can be a meaningful thread. We need to be innovative, thoughtful and view a thread from a different angle or think out of the box.

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    Here is the simple tutorial from my end on the subject. A thread can be raised from many angle. If you have experienced a personal rare moment in life, that can be shared as it would be exclusive and wont find such threads on the internet. And if you find some strange behaviours within the people while they are talking with you and some times they would have revealed wonderful information which may be new to you and that can be shared and even debated. What I feel that one must be a close observer of happenings around and as such we get lots of input on daily basis and that can be shared with other members.
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    Creating a good topic needs regular reference of news paper, media and communication with others. For example, a general topic comes to discuss with our friends or other person then they can give the responses depending upon their knowledge basing on the previous knowledge known about the topic. For example, at the time of demonetization, I discussed about it has topic with my fellow members. Some people gave plus points and others as minus points. If the same interesting topic is taken to discuss here, we can get responses virtually as discussed the people present here. I am asking a question about usage of discuss such topics here. To answer such questions, I simply ask another question that what is the need to discuss about any topic with other people who come across in our life. So, any topic which we discuss as among the people comes to be discussed here. But, there is no need to think about its optimisation because people get interest to give answer if the topic discussed in creative way. That' all.

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    Creating a good thread requires lot of imagination. Sometimes searching a new subject is also a challenge but while reading or going through internet we suddenly come across an idea which may appear to us unique and we feel to create a thread out of it.

    Even if we feel that we may have created a new thread, there may be reflections of old ideas embedded therein and it may be matching with many earlier threads by members in the past. It can quite happen and these are the ways in which the literature in any language gets continuous enrichment.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I would like to say here that before any thread you are posting mostly on common issues, one should once use the search option in ISC to look if the topic is too common to pots. Its true that the ideas and thought would match, in that case it is up to us how we can create the uniqueness with our post. Most importantly the title of the post should attract people and it has to be unique rather than asking same repeated question again and again.

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