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    Why are children fascinated with steps?

    I have observed this interesting thing - when passing by a shop with a step or two out front, or even just a flat jut-out space from the glass door, a passing child will want to walk on it. I have noticed this more so with little girls. The kid will practically pull and pull at the hand of the person who is holding her hand, inch her way towards the shop and, with a little hop or a jump, get on the step, walk across it & get off at the end of it. It does not matter if that space is narrow and extremely short, maybe even a walk of just two footsteps. She will still want to get on it!

    As such, the kids are not interested in the shop's window display or what is inside. They simply want to walk across that space jutting out outside the door or the steps leading to it. What do you think is so attractive about steps for little children?
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    Yes it is very interesting to observe kids fascinated by using steps or stairs. Children love to play and move up and down. I feel climbing makes them feel like conquering a mountain.. Slides are similar and this psychology or theory is used in water parks and theme parks.

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    For children, climbing little steps or even stairs is a big thing. We find it fascinating seeing them like this. They are like busy in their own task of climbing, focusing on every single step, is like reading every single word of a sentence.
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    What I feel that children are always attracted and fascinated towards jumping and climbing activities and that is why the children would love to play the slides game in the park. Whenever you take a child to a community park, the main attraction would be the slide game as it contains going to the top by steps and then slide down with immense joy. The same way children like to walk on the steps and enjoy the moments very much. Even adults wants to discard going through steps and prefer the lifts, children insists to walk by steps. The children are so fascinated by the steps that during Navratri Bommala koluvu festivities, the children would join to create more steps than the mother wants and thus they keep on adding dolls on those created steps. So it is clear that children are more attached to the steps.
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    Is it so? I never really observed. But children are curious and always try out new things.
    When I was a child I was fascinated with elevators and escalators. I would die to ride them . And railway overbridges.
    The reason maybe, I would feel taller climbing stairs or levels.
    We're all monkeys after all, we like climbing.

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    Interesting observation. Children are always interested in climbing up and returning back. Even a few steps outside the house will make them busy for quite sometime.

    I have seen kids in a nearby park just climbing up a bench and then jumping back to the ground. For them it is a great play.

    This may be a natural instinct in the kids to jump and climb and return back.

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    Kids are very fond of new things. They see every small deed as an accomplishment. They get unbelievable happiness when they first walk. Then they try to go fast. After that they will try to run. Similarly when they climb stairs they will count the steps and feel happy as the number increases. It is the mentality and they feel they achieved a lot by climbing up and coming down. That is why when some elderly people feel very very happy with small issues we will say them childish
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    Kids like climbing steps and specially sitting in the middle step. Their hyperactive nature leads them to it and many intelligent kids can relate it to maths ascending and descending order. When they climb up a sense of success warms them up and while climbing down a sense of jubilation awaits them.

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    It is true that children have a special attraction towards steps. If a staircase is seen, their attention will be easily attracted and they move towards it. I have a personal experience recently in this case. My younger son constructed a house in Kerala, in Ernakulam district, about 35 km away from where I am staying. Though he constructed a house he is working at Bangalore in an IT firm and is staying in a rented flat. The construction of this house, though finished months back, he could not conduct the routine poojas including first Milk boiling. So he fixed a date for everything and we did all arrangements. His daughter is two years old. So when she entered the new house noticed the staircase. She immediately took the help of her elder sister (My elder son's daughter) and climbed up to the next floor. Then started going up and coming down several time. Her elder sister became tired and say down watching this.

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    Naaraanaththu Bhraantan( Lunatic of Naaraanum) was a legendary character of Malayalam folklore. He is believed to be involved in his activity whole day of rolling up a large stone up the hill , then leaving it roll down . He found happiness in that and laughed and clapped his hands on seeing the stone roll down and reach bottom.
    Again he would start rolling the stone up and repeat the activity throughout the day.
    It is still an enigma why he was doing so. There came many philosophical explanations for that.

    Reading this thread I recalled about Naaraanaththu Bhraanthan. For children walking up the steps and then climbing down, and again repeating the process is a fascinating involvement.

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    Yes, in a park, too, you can notice this fun activity: other than trying to climb up the slide from the other side, a child may be trying to climb the steps of the slide backwards! As also mentioned by Umesh, they also like to clamber up on to a bench. The will make a little jump, tentatively gauging the distance to see if they can manage it and, when they do, laughing & clapping in delight & then getting back up to jump again. One can watch kids at play for hours and not get bored. It is a great way to get one's mind off regular stuff!
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    I have also seen this fascination of children for steps but never gave much attention to it. Children even create many games around steps and play them even if they didn't get much space to play. They jump up down the stairs saying few words or competing against each other and lot of made up games.
    I have also played many games related to steps during my School days when we didn't get permission to play badminton in our games period.
    One of the games like this was -where one person at the lowest stair used to call alphabets and all the children spelled a spelling using that alphabet and jumped up the number of steps of the spelling of that word for eg- the alphabet is 'o' and the word made from it is 'owl' so one can jump 3 steps down and the one who reaches down fastest won the game.

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    Its the positive sign of the child to look up which come in to their mind unknowingly. It simply mean or show us that life is all about upgrading oneself looking out for steps or higher place. When people with concious mind could not understand, a child understand it.

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