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    Who is great either son or daughter?

    Yesterday, there was a discussion occurred among my colleagues. That discussion is about son's responsibility about their parents. One of the colleagues said that daughter shew more love than son. For that he told so many examples. I stressed the parents' love towards their children. I believe in this aspe t that there should be reciprocality of love between parents and their sons or daughter. Recently, I have watched a video in which a person who told that if father neglects the feelings of their children, the same thing would be repeated when the parents become elders.Keep it aside, now come to the discussion that son loves for money whereas daughter loves for parents. But, this is true to some extent while coming to generalisation. Finally, they concluded that old age homes are increased day by day. Now I am asking in request what about experiences coincided in your life with the same discussion crossed.
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    I don't think that it is a money matter. First of all we should understand that feelings of a male and females are totally different. What may look boring for a male, may be a creative thing for a female. This goes to accepting relationship in our life too. Where a female is more attached emotionally, the male may not have such emotions.

    The answer for this thread is indeed the girl or daughter is better most of the time than the boy or son. A son may forget or may not look after his parents as a daughter does. While it does not mean that boys are all arrogant but it is obvious that they are no where in front of girls when it comes to emotions. And, they are better to deal with it.

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    I don't agree that daughters show more affection towards the parents. The very question who is great is not correct. Either daughter or son both will be same for the parents. There should not be any discrimination between the two. Afterall both of them are our children only. As far as I am concerned either son or daughter, they are same and should treat them equally. As a parent, we should not show any disparity between them.
    There is no point in thinking that daughters are more affectionate towards their parents. I have seen many daughters who ditched their parents. Similarly, I have seen many daughters who served their parents better. I know many sons who never worried about their parents at the same time I have seen many sons who toiled for their parents. This all depends on the mentality of the individuals and how the parents deal their children. Generally, daughters speak very nicely with the parents but sons may not be speaking so sweet but when the question of taking care of them this is more the responsibility of the sons rather than the daughters and many of them will do that.

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    The 'great' label is inappropriate to give for both. One should not judge the greatness of a child through certain specific actions alone. One should see the whole picture. The child - whether son or daughter - is not necessarily "neglecting" the parents. It is simply that the child, now an adult, may have certain reasons for not being able to stay with the parents. Also, I feel it is wrong for parents to have expectations that, because they cared for their children, so the children should care for them as a sort of reciprocal "duty". Caring and love should be unconditional.
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    Both son and daughter are important to a parent. But when seeing the level of great, either son or daughter who took care on the parents at their old age and needy hours are the great.

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    Just ask parents who have only a son or only a daughter. They will feel for the absence of other.
    World is continued because of male and female. So both son and daughter are needed to continue the species.
    However is it because our excess debating and judging that the world now moves towards third and fourth genders and to asexual reproduction?
    Then ultimately present human race may be replaced by robotic creatures.

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