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    We keep many things for tomorrow's use.

    It is a general habit among many people to buy something and keep it with out using. Our explanation will be that we are keeping it for special occasions or to be used when guests come. Several plates, glasses, tumblers, bed sheets, etc. will be resting in our shelf and we go on using old things. Like this we spend money on things which are not used by us as new. After years only we will be taking them out, except our occasionso use. This will not be limited to utensils and clothes, but also to extra bed rooms added while constructing a house. How much money are spent on such anticipated use by each one of us ?
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    It is always wise to keep something for tomorrow. Otherwise, we will not have peace of mind. Certain aspects we have to think and take steps today only so that tomorrow we will not be having any problem. We plan our trip at least a month before and make a plan of the whole trip and we will make all necessary arrangements for our journey to be good and safe. This is the human nature. It is good to keep the stocks for at least one week so that we need not rush every time to purchase what we want. Same is the case with a house also. Once in a lifetime, we will construct the house. So while constructing the house it is better to keep a room extra. We don't know what will be the requirement. So it is always wise to have one extra room for the guests
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    If you're going to store something , prserve it properly.
    Because occasions come randomly and your article must be ready and neat when removed for use.
    And electronic appliances should never be stored. Dust and moisture kills the machine.
    Mechanical tools too, die of rust no matter how good your preservation is. Clothes follow the same way. Cutlery is ok. You can store kitchen appliances for future.
    Food, never mind.
    But people don't even understand this simple logic. They even store stuff that are not to be stored. Half opened paint cans for an instance can pollute your whole room.
    Never store them. Not inside your house.

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    Many of us have this habit and to some extent, it is useful as suddenly some guests come and you do not have good utensils to offer them snacks and tea and occasions like that.

    I think we should not store too many items as that creates a problem for storage as well as the articles get dusted and stale.

    Only a few items which are of utter importance should be kept for emergency situations or coming festivals.

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    Yes many of us are having the habit of storing things which are probably required for future. The open shelves are the storing place for those unwanted items and over the period of time the shelf gets over flown with items thrown there and stored very shabbily. One thing is sure, some times we want the same item one day and that can be retrieved. But what about books of our children which has good marks score and the teacher has given star and excellent remarks. Those books cannot be discarded nor given to the kabadi wala. We can maintain a small library of those important notes so that any child seeking doubts on any particular subject can be helped with. Moreover we the elders can also casually go through such notes and gather more information and that will strengthen our learned experience.
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    With respect to this issue of keeping things for future an important and notable one is keeping gold ornaments. When a bank account is started the first thing we do is taking a safe deposit locker. This is for keeping the ornaments. Many of this ornaments going to be kept in this locker will be those used at the time of marriage. These ornaments will never be used in life. Perhaps it will be just handed over to daughter at the time of her marriage. That too if the models are acceptable to her. Thus these gold ornaments become a showpiece to be kept in the locker.

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    How true! Very recently we had an experience. As said in the thread, we used to buy certain items extra and keep them earmarked for guests or special occasions. In one case we just forgot about an edible item kept inside a tin for use later. When one day we opened the tin we found that the item is past its expiry date.

    It is our habit to keep the best for others. In our childhood when there generally was financial problem, we used to get the best foods or clothes only when guests arrived .

    However finding that we incur expense for many tings that we do not use, when it came to building a house, I stayed put within my affordable budget and made it just a very basic utility flat. We use all the space to the optimum, which sometimes makes us feel lack of space also.

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    I read somewhere that squirrels store nuts for the winter season, some crocodiles even store part of their prey in mangrove forests along the water's edge for future use. Similarly, our ancestors also used to save things for later use. So, I think it is imprinted in our genes that we have to keep something to be used at a later date. It can be something as simple as a dish cooked today, kept in the fridge to be eaten tomorrow to money earned being saved and set aside for use at a later date or a rainy day. Women are versatile in buying, storing items future use, they store extra covers, bags, clothes, kitchen items, money, covers, boxes etc to be used at a later date. Sometimes, it gets out of hand and people literally start storing everything that they come across for future use and it occupies a huge space at home, or car shed or the attic. We need to store or think about items relevant to future use but we should not overdo it.

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