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    The competition to provide first news in the internet

    Since mobile camera has come into people life, almost everyone is racing to provide first news details. We too try to become reporter without having any certificate as such. It looks great that people have become so generous to create awareness. But, sometimes it feels like as if we are doing more than what it required.

    Today, in my locality there were demolition for illegal property extension, so the municipality bulldozer working on it. On the other side of the road which became crowded in no time, few people started taking Images and videos through their mobile phones. How it looks when someone is getting demolished (though it is illegal), some are getting busy to report it to their group or internet! It reminded me that a reporter was asking an almost died person "how is he feeling" on camera instead of having helped him out.

    No, I am not taking side of illegal property extension neither I support it. My question is only that can't we keep quiet for sometime, instead of trying to become online reporter?
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    Yes, I totally agree with what has been said in this thread that with the advent of the camera's in mobile phones and fast internet access everyone tries to be a reporter and post content online which is not a news but just opinion but people reading it believe it without checking its authenticity.
    Such reporting has caused many issues in the past also and still causing issues in some cases also causes the growth of fanaticism among youth because of such content reported online.
    This thing needs to be stopped or to be restricted to some extent. We are democratic nation hence got right to express that right shouldn't be used in such ways to make things difficult for others and restrict rights of others.

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    Some people get solace or much excitement on getting to know the problems and catch 22 situation faced by others . They immediately forget or forgo their daily duty and stoop to the level of how that person was humiliated or got thrashed and how the other person met with loss. All these things are cheap behavior. That is why when we are living in the society, we must be cordial with all. Though we may not be close and talking always, but having good relations with all the flat owners is always desirable, otherwise this kind of cheap reporting of what ever happened will be doing rounds in media.
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    Such over enthusiasm to be the first always leads to some awkward situations and also landing innocent prop into trouble.
    Last day there was a videoclip circulating in whatsapp of something that was purported to have happened in a nearby place. from a nearby place. I guess it might have spread in FB also. The video alleged that public have caught a person from a team doubted to be on the lookout for kidnapping children. The fact later turned out that it was a youth who set out to meet his secret lover covering himself in purdha to appear a s a woman.

    Many times the netizen jump in the me-first temptation and come out with half baked news. They post wrong news, wrong clips and pics. A few months back photo of a celebrity was posted announcing his death, whereas the person who died was a lesser known namesake. Condolences and 'shocked' message followed. Ultimately the 'dead' had to announce that he was alive and set right the matter.

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    It is the order of the day. every person will have a cell phone with a camera in hand. He takes a photo of anything different and shares it on some social and this will spread around like a wildfire. In my early days' people used to say that if somebody's house is on fire don't try to boil your water on that fire. When somebody is in difficulty, utilising their situation for our benefit is never correct. Kauravas killed Abhimanyu when he was alone and don't have any weapon in his hand. Taking this as an example Krishna made Arjuna kill Karna when he was trying to repair his chariot wheel. These actions of our people these days made me recollect these two points. In fact, it never looks good to take photograph one something odd is happening and publishing it on social media is the biggest sin I feel.
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    If we had to pay and upload the video or pay to view the video then you would probably see that very few such incidents happen. If what's up starts charging for the videos, then it would also bring down the traffic of these amateur videos. Since it's free and everyone has access to a good mobile, why not do it, what is there to lose. Some post sickening videos of animals being killed, videos of accident victims while they are still struggling and shouting in agony. The other day I saw a video of a lady trying to take a selfie with a top minister standing closely, this has been repeatedly circulated among many groups. Now it's a matter of time before, the opposition parties use it for their own personal agenda. What we need is a sense of responsibility and civic awareness in doing it. Nobody is getting a prize, it 's just the viewership that goes up. Lastly we get so many videos in a day that we tend to ignore some of it and lose a chance to see an educative video.

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    This is the problem we find with the emerging competition among the news channel and the social networking sites. We too are becoming culprits because of the overenthusiastic approach to become first to report the information online. Except in the 'Jallikattu' agitation in Tamilnadu which was influenced by a Whats App message, I don't think much contribution we received positively from the online activities these days.

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