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    Pomegranate, complicated fruit to cut

    All the fruits are appreciated for their abilities to better our immune system and make us strong this one too has a good name on this list. If someone puts pomegranate in front you neatly opened up all the fruit outside of covering its a fruit to enjoy eating and such thing is often performed by mothers, but when it comes to eating it when you are alone and somehow you end up buying it. It becomes a headache to open it up without making your hands dirty of its juice while cutting it or tearing its covering.
    In youtube videos, I have seen people doing it with so much ease like a magic being performed with just a knife and when I tried it I end up making it a mess. Can you tear the covering of pomegranate without making a mess with ease and fast too.
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    Nicely said by the author. Only today morning I was requested to peel the Pomegranate fruit and pack as the snack for the children and wife. But peeling the fruit is not that easy. The seeds wont come out from the shell that easily and we have to open from back side, and still the seeds wont come out in full. We have to put our hand and then take out as by using knives or other things, the seeds may break and the juice spread all over the plate. And never open the fruit by wearing good clothes. They do get stained either we smearing the dress unknowingly or a seed jumping from the shell on to our cloth.
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    What the author says is true. In fact I had also referred you-tube to know how to open pomegranate methodically nicely. I am only partially successful in that.
    For a long time I was not eating pomegranate as every time i see an opened fruit, as somehow I resembled it to open brain - a wrong image which somehow was staying in my mind.

    Nowadays I buy and take pomegranate more often. The difficulty to cut and take out the pearls has enabled enterprising people to sell ready-to-eat pomegranate.

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    Absolutely correct.I never opened this fruit. But I love eating this fruit which is very tasty. My wife will always take the pain of opening the fruit, cutting it into slices and the slices will be served on a plate whit a little sugar on each slice. Once my wife was away somebody has given me a fruit. Then I tried cutting but I was not able to make it very nicely. Somehow I managed to cut into pieces but not slices. Then only understood the problem in cutting this fruit. Nowadays the fruit which was trimmed and which was just ready to make it into pieces are available in the market. In some places, we need not purchase the whole fruit, but we can take some slices as required by us.
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    Yes it is very difficult to peel a pomegranate. I found a method to take out the seeds of the pomegranate. This I saw in a juice shop. The shopkeeper did not peel the pomegranate, but instead he cut it into two halves. Tapped with a heavy spoon on the outer side of the fruit and the seeds came out easily.
    I too have tried taking out,I usually cut it into two halves and instead of tapping it i try to squeeze it as a lemon, that makes the seeds flexible to come out. I feel it's worth putting some efforts to eat the fruit as it has all the health benefits our body needs.

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    I agree with the author. I like that fruit but I hardly buy it. The reason being, I am not good at cutting it. I will mess it up, hence I have stopped myself from buying it and wasting it. Even I too have checked out videos on youtube but I was not really successful. In the videos, people do it with ease and I feel jealous.
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    We buy it often, wife spending time peeling it to consume the same evening and the next day for lunch boxes. often when we cut it too deep or try to force it open the juice trickles and stains the shirts or clothes when we keep it on the lap. But the goodness of the pomegranate is worth the hassle to cut open it. The other reason we like it is you can keep it for a few days longer than other fruits like apples, bananas etc.

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