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    Daughter in law wants "Freedom" and Mother in law wants to lead " Naturalle"

    Today I came across an advertisement board and was really impressed the way the contents are expressed there in. Actually the ad is for a branded refined sunflower oil. The name of the brand is Freedom. But the daughter in law takes pride in serving hot pooris which the mother in law likes Naturalle. Again Naturalle is also a branded name of sun flower oil. Here the freedom has been used in different context and it supports the brand name too. Do you like it. Or share some ad which really conveyed great message ?
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    A good piece of advertisement. The creativity is very high. But finally what is used in the house is the important point here. The creator of this add appears to be very intelligent and may be observing the likes and the dislikes of the mother in law and daughter in law. I am not very much inclined to see on the roads while travelling. Generally, I keep a newspaper or a puzzle before me while travelling is a very long imbibed habit for me.
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    Really a cute kind of advertisement. It could also depict some naturality between the Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law's relationship well. The traditions and things which is natural for the mother in law will appear as a compulsive process to the daughter in law, because of the generation gap or different thought process. So, she needs little freedom but the other person considers it as a spontaneous thing.
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    Quite a real hard hitting advertising tag line echoing today's scenario....modern bahu needs freedom while mom in law still following the old tradition of domination and to follow it . There are exceptions but I appreciate this advertisement and thanks Sir for bringing it into light

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    I have not seen the ad. But I appreciate the creativity.

    But even in this they have introduced a reason to fight for the brands.
    It would have been better if the ad was only for a single product 'Freedom'. The caption could also be " Daughter in law wants "Freedom" for Mother in law's sake"

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    Some ads are really creative and use the real life events and dynamics to portray and convey the meaning of the product. Creativity is crucial for the ad because in a span of few seconds, the ad should convey the meaning and the name of the product should stay in the minds of the viewer. Here the ad has served its purpose by catching the attention of the author.

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