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    Thiruvabharanam- the sacred jewels adorning Sabarimala Ayyappa once in a year

    The holy jewels that are adorned on the idol of Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala are also called Thiruvabharanam .

    Legend is that Ayyappa was the son of Shiva and Vishnu (in Mohini form). The heavenly child is found on Earth by the childless King Rajashekara of Pandalam kingdom(a branch of Pandya dynasty) who brought him up as Manikanta. A series of turn events happened and legend is that ultimately Ayyappa abandons material life even as a youth an settles as a brahmachari at the abode at Sabarimala.

    The holy jewels to be adorned on the idol are sent from Ayyappa's foster family, Pandala Royal family. This is done once in a year to be adorned for the Deepaaradhana time(Aarati) on Makara Vilakku day which usually falls on Jan 14 or 15.

    The sacred jewels for Ayyappa is kept secured in the Pandalam Royal family in a special jewel casket. Three days before the Makara Vilakku day the holly jewels are taken out from the Pandalam 'palace' with piety and rituals and then carried on head by specially selected devotees under security all the way covering about more than 85 kilometres some of which is through forest and river.
    An eagle(Krishna Parundu) hovers over the place at the start of the procession and also seen hovering over the Sabarimala temple when the holy jewels procession reaches there. Devotees believe as Garuda accompanying the scared jewels. The holy jewels reach Sabarimala on time just before the Deepaaradhan time.The holy jewels are then after adorning on the idol, Deeparadhana is performed and devotees to see the Lord in all his splendour and feel blessed.
    Thousands throng Sabarimala for the Thiruvabharana(sacred jewels) Darshan on Makra Vilakku.
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    Thanks to the author providing good information on Ayyappa. The practices at the temple are very well explained. When may these ornaments from the Ido be taken and sent back? This information is known to someone it may be also mentioned.
    always confident

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    Just today, I read about Makara Shankranthi and I'm reading about Makara Vilakku now.The royal jewels and the tradition of it being carried from the family home to the temple and the Garuda flying above means a higher power and these rituals have a meaning and should not be changed or abandoned. Blessed are those devotees who observe the fasting and prayer discipline and then reach Sabarimala for witnessing this grand spectacle.

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    Nice thread from the author. On the day of Makara Vilaku much coverage is given to the procession of Thrivabraranam which was taken on the heads of the Travancore Devesom Board and the journey seems to be long and tiresome. Author can churn out a good article on this subject as the Makara Jyothi is hardly two days away and the visits for such information would be highly useful to the citizens. And author can also mention about the reality of Makara jyothi or Makara vilakku as it appears on the hillock of over seeing Sabarimala and seems to be divinely happening.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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