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    Mother is the best jewel of the family

    Do you agree with me that mother is the best jewel of our family? I think so. We love our family the most. A family contains many members as mother, father. wife, husband, children, etc. I think mother sacrifices the most for the family. mother take care the whole family. I remembered when Miss World Manushi Chillar was asked which profession deserve the big salary, her answer was the mother. I also remeber a good shayri of Mr. Munawwar Rana:
    Wo is tarah mere gunaho ko dho deti he,
    Ma jab gusse me ho, to ro deti he.
    Every person gets good characters from the mother. Always take care your mother at the elderly age when she needs your care. In this age, we do not have time to talk with the mother for two minutes. In Islam it is believed that paradise is in the feet of the mother.
    so, dear friends, never try to talk loudly with your mother and respect your mother. Nobody can take the place of mother. You can get the second wife, second child but never can get the second mother.
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    That is true.Mother is the jewel of the family. She will be the person managing the entire show in the house. The husband will go to the office. Mother has to make everything ready for him required to him. The children should be ready before the school bus blows the horn. The moment she gets up in the morning till she goes to bed in the night she will be taking care of the whole family and she never cares for self-requirements and gives more importance to the other member's requirements. So it is the duty of the children to take care of their mother when she requires some help from them and respect her for the services she renders for the well being of the family.
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    A thread reinforcing the known fact now adapting to the TOW topic. There is nothing to dispute the same.

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    Yes, most certainly, mothers are the best jewels among the families, however good the father is children still love their mothers more for the endless sacrifices she makes for the children, for the family and everyone except herself. She cooks for the entire family, feeds them at the dinner table, yet she would later sit alone to eat after the children and others have eaten. As if by magic she will know where everything in the house is, right from the pair of socks that we find is missing just before we leave the office to the important book or letter that we would have misplaced the previous night. Everyone takes mothers for granted, only when she's not around for a few days, we realise her value as the home would be a mess until she comes back.

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    Yes no body is best in the world except mother. Right from the day one of giving birth till our settlement in life she has been the shadow and light in our life and the way she has been taking care cannot be compared nor told in words. Every mother deserves great respect surely because she is the only person on the earth who works 24 hours on all the days of the year and yet wont get tired nor goes for retirement. And no one ever thought of giving a salary to her hard work and instead we demand various dishes to be prepared by her and served to us as if she is ever servant. No one can take her place and she is the real precious jewel of any family.
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    Very true. Mother has got a unique position in the family. She is the creator of the new generation.

    Role of mother in the family is very important as she not only takes care of children but also coordinates all the activities and she is the one who is creating the beautiful and affectionate bonds between the different members of the family.

    In a typical family everyone expect something from the mother and she carries on her duties and responsibilities and tries to satisfy all the family members without complaining. No doubt she is the jewel of the house.

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