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    Unlock that hidden jewel in your child

    The popular Hindi movie "Taare Zameen Par" gives us a very meaningful message which is "Every child is special" and each child has his or her own talent.

    Every child is born with a hidden talent inside them which is like a jewel. As the child grows up it becomes the duty of parents to spend time with the child and try to discover that hidden jewel and bring it out from the closet, so that its beauty and shine can be seen and appreciated by the world. Sadly many parents fail to do this and result is that child grows up and becomes an adult with that hidden talent or jewel still locked inside them. At times it is seen that adults regret not being able to nurture their own childhood talents and then they want their children to follow what they missed.

    In daily life, many parents do so many comparisons with their neighbors, friends etc as far as their child is concerned. "If their child does it, why can't my child do it?" "Their child goes to music, dance and badminton class, why can't my child do it!" Due to these comparisons, they want their child to do everything that others do and if he is not doing they feel awkward in their social circle. Do they ever think what their child wants to do? Perhaps not. Putting the child in every other activity just for sake of doing is like making them a "jack of all trades and master of none".

    As parents, it becomes our duty to encourage our child to do what he or she is best at along with their studies. It may not be only related to studies but it can be some unconventional things like painting, singing, poetry, sports etc. Let us allow our child to follow their own passions rather than we deciding it for them. Let us unlock and bring out this hidden jewel of talent within our child otherwise it may lose its sheen and value if it remains locked inside.

    Entry for the TOW contest for the week 31st Dec 17 - 6th Jan 18
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    A thread which reminds us about the undiscovered or non-displayed but hidden talents and abilities of a child or person. Many stars are born among us only because there was someone to spot and discover the hidden talents in them. The present world has more facilities for these as there are umpteen TV Channels and social media networks which help to show case those talents.

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    Amazing thread. That is correct, it is very important for the parents to know what their child actually likes. What they love doing, what interests them and this can only be achieved, if they spend a good amount of time with their children, talking happy things with them, discussing about various co-curricular activities also either sports or cultural stuff.
    Parents themselves are highly occupied with their own lives, in their jobs. They need to find time to spend with their child and nourish them well with their thoughts too.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    The author thoughts went beyond our imagination and I appreciate him for connecting the tow topic with likes of hidden talent in every child. In this regard I want to share an information that Reddy community in AP and Telangana have the habit of nurturing unique name to their children and when the name of the child has to be decided, they would spread so many things on the floor and the child would be allowed to pick one. From the attitude and liking of the child which attract him or her, one thing would be picked and they would concentrate to give extra attention on that picked item. Here what I mean to stress that from the tiny age itself the parents would love to know his preference and hidden talent and thus they would train him. Suppose the child picks up the police hat, they would train him to become police in his life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice thread bringing out the fact that if good upbringing and proper guidance and care is taken a child can progress in the direction in which his main interest lies.

    It is definitely the responsibility of the parents to find out what is the interesting thing for the child so that that particular area could be nurtured to performing levels.

    We feel that our children should rank in academic pursuits but if they are not interested in academics and rather fascinated with the world of paintings or dance & drama or handicrafts and things like that then there is no point in forcing them to pursue unnecessary studies at a higher level.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is the responsibility of the parents to identify the hidden talent in their kids and help him by providing the necessary help to work on that particular direction. Then they will become real jewels of this society. They will bring laurels to the family. But these days what is actually happening is some parents are trying to force their interests on the children. The children are becoming uneasy and nervous and trying to escape from that. So it is never advisable that parents will understand the likes and dislikes of the children and give proper guidance ..
    always confident

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    Every child is a jewel to their parents by their own right. It is true that children have a jewel within themselves, their hidden creativity or talent. But in the current race of posh schooling, extra tuition, multiple activities, we are enforcing too many things on them and do not allow their talent which they love to be displayed out. One other movie that comes to my mind is 'Billy Elliot'that has won many awards, the father wants the child to be a boxer but he chooses to become a ballet dancer. I think, once we let them get into the rhythm of studies and school life, we can then explore what their real liking, passion or true talent is, then we can encourage them to chase their dreams. It can be singing, painting or a musical instruments or even chess. Whatever it is, the child should like it and enjoy the time spent in that activity. Yes, we should certainly try to bring out the hidden jewel in our children, it would add quality and satisfaction to our lives and theirs.

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