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    Religion is the real jewel of life.

    All religions teach us to keep the good thought in mind, to do good deeds, to use good words.
    These things take the individual nearer the superior power.On the other hand evil thought, evil words and evil deed take the individual into hell.The real jewel of life is to follow the essence of religions.All religions teach us to love our enemy. The hatred and jealousy bring us towards hell. We suffer a lot. The person who follows the religion makes friends everywhere. He/ She becomes role model for others.
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    It is a misconception that all religions teach us peace and honesty.
    Most of the religions offer eternal punishment for unbelievers no matter how good a life they live. Many ask its belivers to kill those who leave the religion. And all major religions consider female gender as secondary to males. I can go on and on but it is going to fall on deaf ears only so I will just ask everyone to study different religions before coming to any conclusion.

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    I do not agree the title, but the content is convincing. All religion preaches good thoughts. However I have a question, there are people, who do not belong to any religion, don't they hold anything precious like jewel in their life? Is it necessary to get stick to any religion to know the value of humanity?
    As Mr. Ankit mentioned, it is good to study different religions to understand the essence. I would say, even if someone doesn't belong to any religion also, it is not a bigger lose to him/her as long as they have humanity.

    Sri Vetri
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    Religion and behaviour are not interlinked. Any religion will say that we should be pious. We should be helpful to others. But we can,'t say that particular religion is good and the others are bad. A good behaviour is a jewel.A humble talk is a jewel. A smile on the face is a jewel.But religion can,'t be a jewel. We see rarely a person without a religion. So I am not of the opinion that religion will be a jewel. But what religion teaches is a good behaviour. With religion or without religion is behaves humble he can be a jewel in the society.
    always confident

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    Different communities in the world have different religions. Many people follow their religion while some do not adhere to it based on their rational logic.

    There are people who do not follow any religion but they are as happy and contended as those who are following a religion with all faith and belief.

    So whether you follow a religion or not it is immaterial if you already have virtues of being a good person.

    There are many cheats in this world who apparently look like religious but committing heinous crimes beneath that cover. So the thing is that only those who are honest and have faith in religion can get real solace and peace by following the religion religiously. Others will be either doing it to deceive others or just to show off in society as generally religious people are seen with respect by the common gullible masses.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The religion practiced in its true form is good for any individual. All the religions preach us the best traditions. Every individual is free to practice his/her own religion but should have tolerance towards the other religions. Religion is a way to spirituality which is the highest level of learning.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I don't agree with the author. Meaning of religion in Google is "a particular system of faith and worship."
    Religion can never teach people, the motto of spreading love and affection among people. Religion talks about believing in God that too on different criteria as defined by we human beings.
    In fact, religion has been dividing people, in the name of religion we see the name of terror and fear. Religion can never be considered a jewel.
    To value all religions is good, but it comes from the inner soul.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    I appreciate the author's effort to link the TOW keyword to the thread title. But other than the title I did not see the keyword in the thread tetx nor the relativity..

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    Puja, I mean to say Religion shows the right path to go ahead. faith and worship guide us to follow the path of brotherhood and peace.As I see the faith of every religion is same, good actions give good results.Love and peace should be the way of life for everyone.Only the way of worship is different. But, every religion motto is to spread peace and harmony in the world.It is the reason, we pray God makes me the messenger of peace and harmony,
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    The author is partly correct religions can be jewels of life provided we understand them. Let's just pause and think, where did this religion come from,we have learn't it from our parents and grandparents to start with, they in turn would have learn't similarly. Ultimately often it is Man who has modified religion through the ages to be in line with what he thought was correct, what he thought was the need for the hour at that point of time. Even now religion is used by people for their own personal or vested interests. Every religion has to have a strong hold over its followers, so it would preach good over evils, rituals and beliefs to be followed strictly etc. So, it is up to us to follow our religion as long as it does not harm others. Even the head of faiths or key people who are looked upon by the masses and their spiritual leaders should understand their responsibilities and steer clear off inflammatory statements against other religions and resent from flaming communal polarization.

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