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    I am sorry Managing Editor but I have to complain

    The Managing Editor of ISC,

    I am sorry you had asked in one thread no to put any complaint till 7th of January. But I am sorry I have to come up with this complain.

    It seems the change I wanted in this new year leaving all bad experience in ISC by the editors is taking the U turn again. It seems some people does not want peace in forum. I have just posted a thread which was deleted saying the "poor quality" content or not fit with forum guidelines.

    The thread is This thread

    The link is not checkable so I am posting the URL of deleted thread -

    I checked out in my visitor list and found same particular name.

    There are many such threads which are in poor quality, yet get CC. Recently mohan's This thread


    was allowed to post. I am surprised why such double standard with only me.

    May I know why my thread got deletion?
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    Jeet Singh,

    Please provided correct links when submitting a query about a post. I located your deleted thread. It was deleted for the simple reason that K Mohan's thread on similar lines is a recent and ongoing one. So, instead of posting a separate thread, you could have mentioned in K Mohan's thread itself that you received a mail from a Minister & state what it was. Yes, it may have been a different type of mail and not a greeting for the new year, but I do think it could be mentioned in that same thread itself. The reason - your thread would have elicited the same responses, too, namely, that these type of emails are bulk emails, etc etc.

    I have also repeatedly mentioned this in complaint threads about the deletion of forum threads: the words "poor quality content" is part of the text put in by the Webmasters which appears as a standard text for deletions. It is not that your thread did have poor quality content. So there could be another reason for it being deleted, such as duplication, spam, inappropriate content, etc.

    I would also request you to please not jump to conclusions about who edits your posts merely on the basis of those who drop in at your profile page. If I visit your profile page daily, would you assume I am the one editing your posts? See, editors visit profile pages of members frequently. We check contributions to decide on nominations for awards or badges, we check if somebody is sending spam messages in bulk to our members, we drop in to read articles or other posts, we have to credit awards & rewards, etc - there are so many reasons why we would visit a profile page! Why do you feel discomfited by the visit of an editor? In fact, members should always feel happy that somebody from the editorial team or from the admin team is visiting the profile page don't you think?!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    But I was got the mail yesterday, and Mohan's thread was posted few days back which I didn't want to pull up. You are right we should not assume may be it was my mistake.

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    Jeet Singh,

    Thanks for understanding. Note that Mohan's thread was of 2nd January and not over the 10-day mark which we stipulate for responding to old threads, so it would have been fine to post a response there about the email which you recieved. Even now you can do so. I will lock this thread now since your complaint has been resolved.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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