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    Jewels on kids are dangerous - Precaution

    These days, in many social network posts, I see many posts of kids, in which they are dressed up with so many jewels. Also in many functions, we could see kids wearing so many valuables. There are advertisements for Kids' Jewels and we could see a separate section in Jewelry shops for Kids. All these show an increased market for kids' jewelry. But is it safe?

    Let me tell an incident, it was happened in my school days.
    My school mate, he was a 10 years old boy wearing a ring in his hand. That day, after he got down from the school bus, he held his hand on the side of the bus, unfortunately his ring got stuck with the nut in the bus, before he withdraws his hand from the nut, the bus started and plucked his fingers with it. Apart from driver and conductor's carelessness towards his screaming, the ring on his finger is the main reason for his irreparable loss.
    Also we have heard many incidents that kids swallowed rings, chain's pendants etc.
    The probability of kids kidnapped for their jewels are high.
    There are disputes among friends and relatives also arises due to missing jewels on kids.
    It is because, we know the value of jewels but kids do not. They do not know to safeguard themselves and jewels. It is not their mistake as well. We think jewels are valuables, but it also brings injury, dispute and sometimes irreplaceable loss.

    Jewels on kids are dangerous - However many are aware of this, love to see our kids with cute tiny jewels make us blind to see the consequences. Mostly, the optimistic thought of nothing will go wrong for us, are the reason behind this negligence. Remember precautionary activities are base to any optimistic thought.

    Jewels are precious things. "More the value – more the risk". Kids are more precious than any other things in the universe. Tomorrow never dies, kids are growing and there are times to see them brightened with jewels. Until then know the value of kids rather than jewels.

    Entry for the contest TOW 31st Dec to 6th Jan
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    A good suggestion. Really it is very unsafe these days to dress the kids with various jewels. There are many chances of losing that jewel is one thing. But the main problem is the life of the kid will be at risk. The kid may get killed for taking away the jewels.The kid may get kidnapped by the anti social elements and they may not hesitate to kill the kid for the sake of money. Other unsafe incidents as explained by the author may also take place.ultimately it will be a nightmare for the parents and other family members. So I always advise my relatives not to send kids alone out with jewels .A good advise from the author.
    always confident

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    A very relevant social awareness thread. The author has used the TOW topic very appropriately to bring out the valuable message.
    I applaud the statement "Jewels are precious things........Kids are more precious...". Very true. Let us not make them more vulnerable when there are many factors that make them vulnerable in this bad world.

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    Jewels look well on children and people tend to overdo it and risk the safety of the child. Agree with the author, parents, and grandparents should realize the risks jewels pose to children. Children are brightly decked up and taken to parties, weddings, temples and public places. This, unfortunately, attracts the attention of criminals who would do anything in return for a chance to steal jewels. Sometimes, children are drugged or even harmed and left alone by these criminals. Small jewelry pieces are bound to get stuck or swallowed by the child unnecessarily endangering the health of the child. We should keep the safety of children in mind, then appropriately use jewelry with responsibility and caution. We hear so much about chain snatching happening with grown-up women around the residential neighborhood, this should make us realize how real the danger posed by the same gold chains in a child.

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    I know how danger to have the jewel on the children as we went through the trauma in our family. My elder brother was just one year old and during those days it is the custom to have a gold ring adorning the young child ring finger. And we also know that children have the habit of chewing their hand and the danger has happened. My brother swallowed that ring and he was feeling uneasy and coughing continuously. My mother and my grand mother have noticed the ring missing and started to help the child to easy. But with great difficulty my grand mother has to put her finger into the little child mouth and remove the ring. By the time the damage has been done and the child has to breath the last. From that day my mother was averse to have any ring on the children especially the small children as the past experience always lingers in her mind.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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