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    What you know about religious freedom?

    We discussed many things about religion in this forum. What about religious freedom?
    Protection of religious freedom is vital to peace, stability and prosperity of the country.
    Now, US placed Pakistan on a special watch list for religious freedom violations and identified other 10 nations as 'countries of particular concern'. We don't want India to be in that list.
    The predesignated countries are China, Eretria, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
    These countries have no tolerance for religious freedom.
    Keep in mind while visiting these countries.
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    Our country is a secular country and no religion is great or no religion is less. All religions will be given equal I think our country will never be in such a list of any country. That much assurance Is there for our country.We never force anybody to change the religion. No religion person will be treated as a second grade citizen. This a fact. So we need not dwell much on this issue.
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    We all know Pakistan is tolerant towards terrorist groups on the basis of religion. I am not aware of the other countries. This is already making Pakistan suffer and if it continues to do so, it will be in a grave danger. India which is a secular country is devoid of such intolerance to a great extent. Any religious fanatic group should be dealt with severe action so that the problem is terminated in the bud.
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    As far as India is concerned we are very tolerant to every religion and that is the reason being so , many religions and faiths are followed here with total freedom. Probably no other country can house so many religion at one place and yet with harmony. Where as Pakistan is predominantly as Muslim country, and in the name of Jihad the terror outfits have taken its ugly head and thriving in that country with wholesome patronage from the families, locals and also intelligence agency. US cannot name India for religious intolerance as we have shown enough examples in past as to how cordially we life with others in peace.
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    Thank God, we are blessed that we are living in India,a free country, where we enjoy different types of freedom, including religious freedom. The only thing which pains us sometimes is that sometimes the precious freedoms are stretched to such an extent that they cause some problems to the nation's progress.

    Religious freedom was just a natural one to me from childhood as our life. We were neighbours believing in different religion. It was just natural that I went to temple, some neighbours went to church, some others went to mosque. During our festivals we shared the special dishes and sweets made in our home with our neighbours. They reciprocated same way during their festivals. Whether it is a festival or special celebration in Temple,Church or Mosque, for the common public programmes every one contributed and attended the public programmes like dance, music, drama and other art forms and witnessed the processions. No one debated whose religion is better nor boasted of their own faith. .It was just natural preference for each just like the dress colour one personally likes. No one disputed other's rituals and methods of worship. At other occasions everyone was together.
    I think, except for what I see or read in media and social media my feel about religious freedom is same.

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    I thought China has the most number of Atheists , not sure why there shouldn't be religious freedom. The more we ensure religious freedom, the more would be the communal harmony as long as people do not use the freedom to instigate hatred and violence. If one is free to follow his or her own choice of religion, then biased religious beliefs and differences can be avoided. India is a great country that has many religions, we all live side by side with a few difference primarily engineered by fanatics, biased religious leaders and political parties. By and large we are a tolerant nation. The moment we have restrictions on the religious freedom, then it fosters fanaticism among the groups affected leading to disharmony and animosity. Does restrictions on religious freedom suppress the minority. Is it a ploy to reduce violence and communal clashes?

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