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    Sweet memories of childhood during winter

    Now, after so many years when I looked back and analyse some incident in particular, all the scientific theory get burst out loud.

    Today, we often talk about Hygienic things. How we should be clean, how to eat, how to be away with illness with little awareness. Such thinking were not there in our mind when we were a kid. During winter season at our small village, in the evening we (groups of boys) comes out in a place. We arrange like trees dry leaves, dry steam, dry bushes to put fire. Sitting around the fire we enjoying with games or Anatkshari. We put some potatoes in that fire and at the end we used to eat the baked potatoes. The taste was indeed delicious! We didn't know how safe to eat such baked potatoes for health yet we ate it.

    Yesterday, I was just remembering about this and this is how I came to post this thread.
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    It would be a sweet memory for me as I enjoyed it after my marriage. My in-laws lived in West Bengal (Durgapur) until very recently and we used to play with the kids and our relatives sitting around the fire during our winter trips. I never tasted such baked potato ever before. Also they used to serve the Bengali Amsutto Tamotao sweet prepared which was also tasty. It used to give a fresh lively atmosphere, really enjoyable.

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    In our native place in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh we used to get up very early in the morning in the winter. The temperature was very less and we used to feel the chill. We , a group of four friends, staying in the neighbourhood used to collects some dry leaves and some sticks and used to have a small fire and used to sit around. But we never used to eat anything there. But sometimes my friend's mother used to keep a vessel of water adjacent to the fire to get it boiled. She used to give coffee. We four used to go on talking while enjoying the coffee in that cold morning. On the days of pongs many people from cities used to come to their houses and they also used to come and sit near the fire for some time.
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    As youngsters, during winter, we used to gather after school, play and when it's evening there would be someone or the other close by who would have started a small fire, we just used to join them. Most of the times, it would be idle chatter and comparing each others stories. When we had enough pocket money, we used to buy half tea and a soft bun from the tea shop, enjoy dunking the bun in the tea and then finish it. Those days, homework was not much and it would be safe to be outside in the streets till late evening until we slowly disband to reach our homes. Mornings were most at home, struggling to wake up to reach school.We were not allowed to wear caps inside the class, so we had small balls of cotton kept in our ears to ward off the cold.

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    In the year 1966,december month, I was in 6th standard. It was normally winter in our south India. In our side, we celebrates karthigai deepam by lighting many lamps in the house and offer the God pori(preparing balls by mixing jaggary with puffed rice and beaten rice). Next day I collected some castor seeds from school,as I was very much interested in having plants in the house. By forgetting this (keeping the seeds in my trouser packets) I kept the pori, given in the house for eating. I ate pori by mixing with the seeds. I got a super purging and got tired. By knowing the reason my parents gave treatment to me. During every winter I remember this.

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    Childhood memories are there but winter is not that interesting. Only during November- December the temperature will be showing a downward trend. During these months a particular celebration is there in Kerala. It is mainly a celebration of young women. Children also join the celebration. Women fast partly on that and avoid rice foods. Wheat preparations are used in the place of rice. Fruits and certain varieties of roots have special place among the food items. Tender coconut water also gets a place among the food items. There will be a swing made of rope. Women as well as children do swinging on this. Ladies will have some other time pass plays. They stand in a circular form and rhythmically move in that circle. Songs will be sung jointly. Hands will be used for clapping between those standing close by. This day is considered as Lord Siva' s birthday. Children also join these time pass items, especially the girls. 'Thiruvathira' is the general name for this celebration, which is the star of that day.

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    Memories of winters for me and especially regarding food is always relates to either hot Samosa-chai combo hot samosa- chutney and pakodi- chai and playing video games at home with my brother, fighting over number of chances if mother puts time restrictions on our playing and my favorite games were- Contra, snow brothers, and chip & dale. Winters weren't the time in which we were allowed to play outside as in the northern region where I have grown up it often snows outside or chilling winters so mostly indoor games are preferred.
    Sometimes even board games like Chess, snake & ladders, Carrom and Ludo were played with the whole family sitting around with a cup of tea or coffee.

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    The narration given by the author connecting sweet memories to the season of winter and its happening thereof can only be possible in villages as those people would have plenty of time for the life to enjoy the every moment and thus those who visit the villages during the festivities would be having much fun and frolic activities away from city. Now this is Sankranthi season, every one has gone to the native place which is preferably a village and the saying of author would certainly happen there. For us we have been born and bought up in city life and hence not too much connected to the happenings in villages.
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