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    A defeat to US President

    US president Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and told state department to start work on moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
    Now, UN General Assembly declared Trumps decision as 'Null and Void.' Voted against 128 to 9.
    Infuriated Trump said, For all these nations, they take our money and then vote against us. They take hundreds of millions of dollars, even billions of dollars and then they vote against us. We are watching those votes, let them vote against us, we will save a lot, we don't care.

    No doubt, US politics is heating up!
    I want to ask a question here,
    Is US out of UN or UN out of US? Any comments?
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    UN thrives on US funds too. US is a major contributor to UN funds. So US feels it has a priority right in UN.

    Regarding the Jerusalem issue, I do not think US is so foolish not to expect a stiff opposition from other nations. Taking such a drastic unilateral action when even Israel was not that much eager,the US would have some other thing in its mind.
    The US cannot exert its bulldozing now like it was earlier, because China is now in a position that it can shake US economy if t wants.

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    UN is more dependent on US for funds. So all these days US is thinking that US can exert pressure on the outcome of the deliberations in UN. But I think that is not a correct thought. We make our children to grow. We will see that they will get the education as they require. They will get job. But we should not expect them to take decisions which are advocated by us They were grown and they will have their own thoughts and take decisions as per their wish and will. Once we become old our children will grow big and we will depend on them for our works. In the same way the other Nations in the UN have become strong and they can also take decisions. This is the lesson US should learn from this incident. If it is not learning it will get further strong lessons in future.
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    US is not UN and UN is not the US. It is a world body in which the US is a nation. The decision to have Jerusalem as capital is of one nation. Trump should have thought it before announcing his decision. Changing the capital of a nation by another nation is not acceptable. It should have come from Israel authorities, not from Mr. Donal Trump. The opposition from the rest of the countries is justifiable. Let US not try to rule UN.
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    President Donald Trump is the different person and he wont take good advise and averse to do good works. When the popular demand is something he does the opposite. For the first time we are watching the moves of a President of great super power who does not have any support inside the America itself. The defeat of his proposal is the slap on his face for his arrogant decisions. And today I also came across the fact that he going to announce awards for the worst news media house, worst reporting and worst reports and reporter. By doing this he is picking up confrontation with all.
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    It was an uncalled statement in the first place.The long drawn battle between Israel and Palestine and the religious angle of Jerusalem have invited a big controversy and rightly voted against in the UN. Just because the US gives money to other nations and the UN, it cannot expect them to support the US unconditionally. There was no reason to issue the shift of capital, knowing very well that it would hurt the sentiments of the Palestinians.

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