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    How you manage social life and social media life

    Earlier our active life and time was distributed among individual life, family life and social life. Residing in old type chawl houses, lane houses, wadis, the individual and family life got fused and merged to the community life . That itself was our main social life. The mingling and mixing was direct and there was no medium in between.

    However after the spread of internet and social media networks, apart from the direct social life we have an indirect and mostly virtual social media life. Here the main difference is that we can totally hide our real person and project a virtual, unreal person-if we desire so.
    That is why we get to read about many fake profiles in FB, twitter etc, even in the name of celebrities.

    For me I do not have any social media activity except for ISC. The other one is whatsapp where also it is my real ID and profile and with the same people in my family life and social life.

    How do you manage your social life and social media life? Are they mixed and merged or one extends from other or they are simply separate?
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    A valid question has been asked. Sometimes I am surprised to see people in social media like FB having 500+ or say 1000+ friends! It has become a status in social media, if you don't have more friends, you are just nothing. I can understand when it is purely based on business purpose but friendship? I wonder too if people can interact with every friend in circle or just having for the sake.

    However, I have my FB account with having less than 20 friends who are my closed one or in my business. I have my other FB account that is for only business purpose. But again, I am not a very frequently visitor other than ISC.

    As per now, my social life is limited to my work place and home. I have no time for FB but I am here just because I love to be here at ISC.

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    A good post. These days social media is playing a very important role in our lives. The people are more busy in talking to the people far away through this social media than talking to the person sitting by their side. They are all virtual friends. We can read the virtual friends but we can't hear them. We can write to them but we can't talk to them. Real friends are less but virtual friends are more. There will not be any obligations with virtual friends. Only telling hallows and exchanging pleasentaries. But when it comes to real friends some times we may have some obligations. So develop more virtual friendship and make lesser real friendship. Generally all our real friends will be also there in virtual friends also. Some of the relatives will also be there in virtual friends list. So we should be very careful in our activities on social media also.
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    While there is compulsion for us to manage the social life, I feel we always give second place to the managing of social media life. In social media when you are absent for two or three days , nothing is going to loose as all the messages in your in box would be pouring in and you can respond later. But in social life, if you miss the event or function that will have long effect on continuing the relations. Some people take to the heart if we do not visit their functions and they too would avoid our functions. So in order to have reciprocal visits, we must continue to be in social life.
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    Nice thread and good comparisons are being made.
    Human beings are now living their life in two patterns, one in a social way and another is the life in social media.
    Today, we are less socially connected and more social media connected kind of people.
    We tend to show our relations more rather than literally following them. Good relations seem to be just a matter of social media and staying on the links of WhatsApp or Facebook.
    Social interactions have lessened.
    In my case also, it is almost similar, I don't feel like meeting any of my relatives, just some of the closed ones. While on social media, I don't share anything much, but I keep opening it and greeting people a bit.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    My social and social media life overlap.
    I have made some good online friends from various platforms . But I'm not a good talker.
    I just reply. I find strangers who interest me and converse with them for some time and then don't talk with them again.
    In real life too, I don't really have any concrete relationship with anyone. I can hardly maintain any kind of relationship.
    Well..that's how it is. I feel I'm really popular as a social personality.

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    #622083, it is because you have not exposed much that you feel you social life and social media life overlap.

    It is only when we come out and involve and interact with real life people that our r social, life will be more than our social media life.

    Bu now we see that even those who were involved in social life now slowly shrink to themselves and thus expand their social media life. Reversely, those who were more on social media after getting publicity and acceptance have now become more involved in social life too.

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    Social media and social life and closely linked. The present trend for having an active social life and the development of modern gadgets on the move with internet connections have made social media and life come closer. Social media is used to express ourselves, our achievements, our status, important events and occurrences within families and friends circle. This by default, get us to the next link of our social life. Gatherings, birthday parties, impromptu meetings, and trips are all organized via social media. In many metros, the life of singles who want to have companionship, friendship or a relationship often take to social media first, then expand their social life and get there needs to be met. In the media life, we can mask our identity, our looks, our financial and professional status etc but when we extend it into our social lives, there are chances of being exposed, so it is better to be aware of the limitations of both and use them hand in hand with responsibility instead of trying to have two different image/life in social circles.

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