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    Some people are like human Transducers

    Transducers are the electronic devices which convert one form of energy into another form of energy. For eg- Even a simple light bulb acts like transducers.
    But here I am not talking about these electronic devices instead of people around us who are like Human transducer(HD) and act like one. Some of these HD converts our negative energy into positive energy and provide us the clear picture of life with high definition while some others convert our positive energy into negative and make our vision more blur with their big and bright words. Its simple touch of their language and expression they use to convert the energy into another form.
    I have met many such human transducers and really admire this quality of theirs and too some extent I too work as transducer for my friends whenever they are sad but those are special cases. But some people live with this quality whoever they meet they convert energies. Have you met such human transducers? Or are you among such people who always work like a transducer.
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    Yes, sometimes we are the charge suppliers,sometimes we receive such positive charge from others.

    If we are one who can lighten up, energise or stimulate others, we can realise that when we meet them next time. Their eyes will broaden and glow with a unique sparkle,their lips will broaden , we can see the general comfort and enthusiasm in them on our presence. We can also see how their eys become dim, their voices crackle or taper off when we start to leave them.

    Why I say this is, it is the same way I feel when I meet or stand in presence of someone who is a' human transducer'.

    No one need to despair. Every one of us is valuable and a source of inspiration, stimulation, solace and energy to at least some one.
    I believe in the quote" You are just one in the world, but there is someone to whom you are the world'.

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    It is true. Some people bring positive energy to our. At the same time some people will induce negative energy in us.when we see some people we feel talking to them. We feel we can have friendship with them. Some people may not show enthusiasm when we try to talk to them. Then we will keep normal. Some people talk to us in a way that we will forget the problems and we focus on our tasks. Their energy will bring in motivation to us. We get more focused towards our tasks by the energy they infuse. I don't know whether we can all them human transducers. But really they will infuse lot of energy in us. At the same time some people will have the quality of demotivating us.
    always confident

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    People with optimism provide a positive atmosphere all around them. They always hope for the best and make everyone feel the same. A pessimist will always create a negative atmosphere. The humans certainly act as transducers. We come across both types of people in our daily life. We have to develop a state of mind not be affected by the negativity.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Yes there are human transducers coming across of our life often and we are dump on meeting and hearing from them. The way they send their positive energy to our mind is simply superb and we cannot ignore or deny. The human transducers are good at oratory on any subject. They can take us to the new level of understanding and we would be longing to listen to them again and again . That is the reason being so when we like a person from heart, we wont miss him even for single day as we either meet in person or have some phone talk to sooth our thinking process further.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    By reading the thread, I assume that the Author is an Electronic Engineering professional, talking about energy converters, beautifully combining science with humanities!
    It is true that suggestion has power. If we are suggesting something, we are using language and communicating. Some form of energy transfer takes place. That will induce particular result. The problem here is the ability to speak correctly.
    Power of suggestion always work that is why we are saying stop calling each other as stupid,fool,idiot and name calling etc. We can replace them with smart, good person etc. What you say?

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    I agree some people carry a lot of positivity in themselves. When you will go to them, you will always learn something, learning how to tackle various issues.
    When we go to such optimistic type of people, we have nice thoughts coming to our mind, we even find life going easier. We feel like we are getting resolutions to many of our questions.

    So really some human beings act as transducers. But we need to approach the right human transducer.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A nice thread to discuss about. Yes, I too have some people who can electrify the atmosphere with his presence. I am talking about a Men who is in his 80s yet so energetic. His trademark word to describe himself is "I am only 79 and I am still young". The man is full of fun whenever he comes to our work place, he keep playing musical instruments, shouting at us as we are not able to learn fast, poking us through out yet we all love him. I can say he is such men who can put lots of positivity into us whenever he is around.

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    A nice thread by the author, I think most of us are reflectors, some of us are transducers and some of us are negative inducers. I chose the word reflector because that is what we are, when the going is good, people around us are happy and jovial we are also in a happy mood and enjoy the company. When people around us and quiet and somber, we too keep to ourselves and carry on our work quietly.
    In this background, we come across some people who are energetic and infuse confidence and happiness into each of us making us feel good for a while. Such people are a welcome sight in many offices who add life to an otherwise mundane job environment. There are few people who will be so negative that they would snap even the little confidence we have, we should politely keep away for such people.

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