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    Me alone a jewel to myself

    Me alone a precious jewel to myself. Yes. The importance of my soul is well known to myself only. Our soul is very important to ourselves. Without any soul, the body is dead and valueless. So, for anyone and everyone, his/her soul is a precious jewel for themselves. It is a simple philosophy from me. Do you say yes or no?

    @ A TOW entry from me.
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    Our soul is our life. It is above jewel. Jewels, Gold, valuables and other matters are only when you have life. That means when you have your soul. So our soul will be more than all and above all. If your soul is there with you you can earn many many jewels. So I don't want to degrade my soul comparing it with jewel.
    always confident

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    Nothing wrong is feeling oneself a jewel. In fact who knows us better than ourselves?

    Let others think whatever they want. It is not our botheration. We are jewels to ourslves.

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    That's right, this thread's message seems similar to another thread that says "life is a jewel in itself".
    We all human beings are jewels in ourselves. We should love ourselves and also believe in ourselves.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    For tow entry, the author may compared his soul to jewel. Here with jewel, he represents to preciousness. Jewel is precious. Soul is precious. If it is mathematics, we can say a=b, b=c; so a=c. But morally, we can't accept the same logic in this context. They are precious in different way. Soul can never be given Any value, thus the comparison if soul with jewel is not convincing.
    Yet the importance of soul mentioned by author is agreeable.

    Sri Vetri
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    By claiming me alone a jewel to myself , the author has displayed his pungent to display the confidence in himself and there is nothing wrong in it. As long as we consult our soul we are winner.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The inner-self is more important than any thing and the author dared to compare it with jewel. It exhibits the level of confidence in him. When you are pure in your heart and guided by your soul or inner-self to lead perfectly, what could be more precious than it? A nice message through this simple thread!

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    When I was a child, my mother used to utter these words and kiss me. En Thaname(my gold) En Manickame(my Ruby) En Muthe(my pearl)En kanne(my eyes) En Maniye(my eye balls) En selvame(my wealth) .

    Thus Am I not the jewel brought out on this good earth?

    No life without Sun

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    Retreat and discover your soul which is nothing but connecting to oneself which can be done in silence away from the humdrum of life. Yes being in solitude with oneself is a jewel.

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    #622102, SuN, you have very nicely justified your thread.
    I agree with you. See my previous post in this thread too.

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    A nice bold comparison of oneself to a jewel. We trust so many people and things and hold in high esteem but many times we neglect ourselves and even under-estimate ourselves, so in this sense, we can consider ourselves as jewels. It would agreeable provided it does not get into our heads and make us arrogant, obnoxious and a different person. We are true jewels ourselves as long as we have humility and good nature. For every mother, whatever be the language or the geographic location, she would use similar words as in #622102.

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