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    The Earth is round!

    There was a Village Assistant by name Kirti Chandra happily living with his family comprising of Wife, daughter and a son. The son named Pradeep was doing well in his studies, ranking first in every field and the teachers were proud of their student. Suddenly Kirti decided to shift his son to a boarding school in a city as he felt that good faculty and infrastructure would ensure his betterment and future prospects. The boy refused to leave his parents, friends, beloved sister but he forcefully joined him in the school. The boy repeatedly requested his father at the school stairs saying that he would study well in his old school and won't trouble his sister and mother. But Kirti convinced him saying that it was everyone's wish for his bright future. Finally,he continued the studies there, got good rank in the JEE and became a Software Engineer and settled in Bangalore.

    Life cycle won't wait for none. Kirti performed his daughter's marriage and lost his beloved better-half. Kirti's son Pradeep falls in love with his colleague, both of them got married and enjoying their life. Kirti continues his routine in his village after his retirement and comfortable with his changed life. His son and daughter-in-law visited him and Kirti felt very happy. The time he spent with them appeared to be a greatest moment in life. Suddenly Pradeep proposed that he wanted to take him with them and he agreed happily.

    They took him to a place where Kirti took Pradeep some years back for a qualitative education. They were at the same stairs and he asked the son , "Why did you bring me here?"

    "Dad, there was a growing competition in the filed of education and the institute which I studied couldn't withstand to the changed trend and now it is converted as an Old-age home. We can't afford to live you alone at that village, nor we could take you to our place as both of us are working and can't spend time with you."

    Kirti was stunned to hear the words as his joy was short lived. "Don't worry, my school Head Master whom you all regarded as great man is also one your inmates here", the great son added.

    Nothing is heard by him now. He was recollecting the old scene of little Pradeep begging him not to join him in the boarding school. Now it his turn, after all, the Earth is round and hence proved again.
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    This story progresses like a sine wave. A sign of relief followed by a tragic riff. I just hope this story doesn't turn into a reality.
    Converting school into old age home is epic!
    I really liked the ending though it is heart breaking.
    The only setback to this splendid story is, that Pradeep's boarding school adventures weren't narrated.
    I cannot envision who the protagonist is because everyone gets a little screen time .

    Lest, this story is absolutely splendid.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    the same story in Telugu was released as a video in social media. There is a teachers association name Teacher's united forum. They conducted a meeting recently somewhere in Andhra Pradesh. In that meeting, a teacher from a high school narrated the same story in Telugu. Of course, I don't remember the names of the characters there. The moral of the story is what you have given to others will come back to you on some other day. So if you are putting your children in a residential school against their wish they will become a good man but they will lose the love and affection towards their parents. So they can ask their parents to stay in Old age homes by paying money but will never feel the necessity of holding the hand of their parents at their old age when they require their care. But admitting our children in residential schools may provide the required stuff for the job whereas it never taught them the importance of relationships and affections.
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    It is not uncommon that a school which flourished in the past may turn in Old-age home and we should appreciate it, at least they haven't converted it into a commercial complex. If you see the once famous cine theaters have now become marriage function halls and it can be observed in your own Hyderabad.

    Your evaluation of theme has given value addition to it. I am not aware of the back drop of the story but my sister who happens to be a HM was mentioning about this satirically with reference to my article - The Old Age Homes - Are they the last hope of the old people today? This thread is a resultant of our discussion.


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    An interesting story with a sad note at the end. Today it is the reality of life that many children are not able to devote time or not willing to take care of their parents and parents are either deserted in their old place or shifted to an old home.

    Anyway, this is the price of modernisation and materialism which we are paying today and our old cultural and traditional values are dissolving one by one in the flow of time.

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    Damn heartbreaking story!
    Is that the future we are waiting?

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    Interesting story has been stated in simple way. As the title says, I thought the end will be with super happiness but came out rather with seriousness. Both were in same place in different times but one was for the better future and the other was for painful old age. However, I wished that the Pradeep should have kept his father at his home rather than sending him to Old age home. True, he could not have cared because of his job/work but at the end of the day he could have talked few words to his father. That would have been more happier for an old father than sitting at old age home.

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    It proves the great adage'History repeats itself-but in another way round'.

    It flows from grandfather to father and father to son and from son to grandson.

    Here the son need not have the last laugh. He will have some wishes and expectations on his children and may commit some acts in the best interest of the children(as he thinks so). The children in future may also present similar reward to the present son.

    So let anyone not glee at 'paying back' directly or indirectly. Fate and destiny are alsways having some hidden surprises and rewards to us. That may be explained as as nemesis, 'poorva janma phalam' etc.

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    Wonderful narration that has put me in a dilemma. if I were to sympathise with the father that the poor man has to go to a old age home, then to be fair, I need to sympathise with the son for being sent to a boarding school against his wishes.
    If I think the father had done a noble deed for he thought of the future prospectus of his son, I should also think that the son had some noble intention as he did not want his father to be alone at home.
    A thought provoking comparison during which a generation passes by and father finds himself in the son's shoes and son finds himself in the father's shoes. What goes around also comes around like the father putting the son in the boarding school based on his beliefs, now the son puts the father in the old age home. It's a fact of life in many families. I think, we should accept the possibility of this scenario and take things as they come by.

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    The story was wonderful and well written and reflects the reality of the society, but throughout the story, it felt like Kirti's son was taking revenge from his father for leaving him into the boarding school which shouldn't be the mentality of any kid ever. As the Kirti did it for his son's betterment and fulfilling his responsibility in the best possible way he could find wheras his son did it for evading his responsibility in the best possible way. I like the story but the tragic ending made me very sad I hope and wish such things doesn't become the reality of the society.
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    A good story narrated well by you. But It is sad to hear that a reputed educational institution has been converted to old age home to match the story. A school will only develop to become a college or university. Only cinema theatres have become commercial complexes due to the arrival of TV, Video, DVD, VCD, Home theatre etc. Anyway, the earth is round only.

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