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    Is this the right mentorship?

    Basically talking about the work culture, i.e our professional life, when we are new to work and join as a fresher, we need all guidance from our seniors and our mentors. We need that help to be an expert in the subject we are dealing with.

    We need the right directions to work. But what if our mentor is not ready to help us? What can we say at that point? Expectations keep rising from the manager or the lead towards us, but we are hardly getting any knowledge, as every time we ask, or are being told, that it is done or that the issue has been corrected.

    You tell your manager, but would not benefit. He would blame you for not asking or not showing up anything.

    It simply means that you are trying your best, but nobody is ready to guide you. What to do in such a situation. People say that those who want to learn can do it in any way. But this is not true, especially in work culture, you need to understand everything in corporates. How the work is done, about the new tools and so and so. You need training on that. Every organization works in their own way, so they have their own way of imparting knowledge.

    But this is not professionalism, not guiding the juniors and take all the credits yourself. This is not the right mentorship.
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    True. A mentor is someone who closely monitors and assesses the candidate.
    The right kind of job, the right way to do it...etc; cannot be learnt without proper guidance.
    Hmm, can you closely observe your seniors.
    That will give you an idea of basis of your work.
    Indirect methods would be persuading them to be your mentors and teach you by befriending them.

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    Mentors are different thinking persons and they cannot function the way you deserve. You have to adjust to their grove and get moved. One thing is sure, mentors wont appreciate our works but still insist to be consistent and that shows their acceptance of our working style. One more thing a mentor will surely tow the organization ideas and he cannot even implement his own ideas, in that case expecting too much from him to bat for our ideas is something asking for more. Give the respect her deserves at the same time raise the dissent voice when he goes wrong, At least management would know his functions.
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    Mentors are the person, who reach that position by hard work and facing lot of struggle. So they expect a lot from their juniors.They are responsible for the jobs they assign.In their training, the target is given to reach. It is the cause they keep hard discipline on juniors and keep control on their work.They don't become too familiar.They have the idea, that a junior should knowledge of work he/she assign. I think one day you will become the mentor and you will face the same situation.
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    Mentors are two types. Basically mentors should take pride in promoting their juniors so that they can see that things will go in right track. The best mentors always feel that their juniors will do well so that they get some relief from problems. Such people will make the juniors perfect. Those mentors are very confident about their knowledge and they never think that the upcoming people will never be a threat to them. The second type of mentors will always will feel insecure and think that if their juniors are coming up they may lose their importance and they feel that juniors will be a threat to them. So always they will try to down play such people. As such we should be careful with such people. We should give an impression that we are never going to be a competition. So till we get the required in puts from them we should be keeping silent when the mentor and his boss are available at a time. You should give a feeling to your mentor that you can not overtake him in any respect. Then they will have a belief on you and try to train you. When your mentor is not there and only his boss is there you can speak out your talent without forgetting to mention the reference of your mentor. Then your super boss will have positive impression about you.
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    Welcome to the real world. Based on my little experience over the last couple of decades, I have learnt never to have high expectation of a posh corporate or a reputed brand because at many places, all the sweet talk and high moral ground in only in the policy books and not in real practice.

    The simple reason for this is right from the smallest employee to the highest authority, all are humans who come with various pre-convied ideas about their work-force. Very few people and companies respect freshers. Fresher are green behind the ears looked upon a cheap labor at some places.

    There are good supervisors and bosses but some are equally insensitive people who expect you to know everything but never teach or train you in the first place even though you have the tag of a fresher.

    True mentorship is a scarce commodity in current work environment. Just look back a few decades before the computers and MNCs, everything was taught and learn't by the apprentice route with the mentor imparting their knowledge to the junior who dutifully learn't the trade only to pass it on to his successor.

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