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    Winter without cold cream can we imagine that now.

    Can you imagine this now? It's a funny thing but still.
    It seems like one day you go without cold cream and all your skin gets dried. We can often find mothers running behind their kids to put lotion and cold creams on their skin before they go out to play in winters.
    Has this small thing to become a necessity for us. Every season we have new necessities like this isn't that a funny situation because in old times no one used to face problems like dry skin or oily skin and this kind of thing wasn't a necessity,
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    If cold cream is not available one can use the coconut oil and that would also does wonders to keep our skin hale and healthy even during winter. So there is always a alternative to the main thing. By the way those who live in villages , they too face the severe winter and more than what we go through. They wont use cold cream or something like that. They fully depend on the house hold items to keep their skin glowing. Even the coconut oil is prepared from the unused coconut pulp at the home itself and thus pure coconut oil without adulteration was available with them. That gives glowing looks too.
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    I never used cold creams or Sun screen. For me, life should be natural and wild. Usage of cosmetics or moisturizer or oil for my skin is what I dislike.

    You see,there are ways you can make your skin oily naturally. So you needn't apply your Nivea cold cream.
    The key is to open up the pores of your body.
    You can scrub your skin regularly to get rid of dead and dry skin.

    Use coffee and honey mixture and apply it over your face. Wash it off nicely with lukewarm water.
    Do this twice a week.

    I know. You might ask what for the full body.
    It's only your hands that would need a moisturiser next. Lips can be taken care of by ghee or honey. Fats and carbs restore dead and dry skin.
    Well there is coconut oil for hands, but if you want to make your hands oily, apply buttermilk over your hands.
    Then wash it off with lukewarm water.

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    The problem is the usage of bathing soaps. After the bath, especially during the winter, the skin looks different for which we need to apply some solutions for the skin to appear good. I apply coconut oil and avoid creams like Vaseline etc.

    It would be nice if we apply little coconut oil on our body before the bath. This will keep our skin healthy and attractive.

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    Our life styles have changed. So also our body's tolerance and reaction to weather and climate changes too.
    The traditional foods, clothing and external applications and activities all have changed. All these result in what we face now.

    However our ingenuity will find ways to adapt or respond and manage any new situations.

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    In the winter the soaps used should be of oily in nature. We have to use soaps like pears, dove and other oily soaps. In such case we may be able to manage without cold cream. Even it is better to avoid a soap in winter. We should not use soaps like Mysore Sandal wood, liril etc. in winter. Another accept is to apply coconut oil to the body after bath. This will give the required moisture to the skin and avoid drying. My preference is to avoid a soap and apply coconut oil after bath. This will protect your skin from getting dried and the skin will be silky.
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    As far as possible the home remedies are the better option. It is only the modernised life that we are going to a store and purchasing creams etc for moisturising.

    In old times people used home remedies for various purposes and it met the demand of the weather.

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    I never used cold creams and Sun screen or any cosmetics. If we take proper neutrino food , it does not require any cosmetics. Drink more water, have fresh fruits and vegetables, take milk.
    it will moisture your skin naturally.

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    We really need either cold creams or some good coconut oil in winters.
    Cold creams we usually apply because if we wear good clothes and are going outside, we cannot apply oil that time to the visible skin of our body like face or hands, so for that, we need a cold cream or lotion.
    I mostly use the body lotion in winters, cannot remain without it.

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    We have plenty of modern range products for the skin during winter. I can understand parents running with lotions because it is very cold and younger children have to leave for school by 7:30 AM with either shorts or skirts. Even coconut oil kept outside becomes like a white paste or a gel. We have used butter for cracked lips in the past. Now we have lip balms. We have a simple moisture lotion after bath to be applied by all. I think during winter, many have hot baths, it is better to reduce the temperature of bath water to prevent excessive damage to the skin.

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    Yes, Winters doesn't go without cold cream and summers doesn't go without sunscreen lotions. Because, advertisements and Dr's advice made many to feel that cold creams and sunscreen lotions are must to changing climates.
    The market for these products would have not been grown this big, if we just followed the practices of our grandparents and parents. Most of us believed the rays from sun is not good for health. Many started using sunscreen lotions to protect themselves from sun. Doctors also advised the same. Now, the same Doctors advise people to take capsules to cure Vitamin D deficiency. I wonder, why not Doctors advise their patients to get exposed to Sun, instead of taking tablets. Because, business people want both cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry to grow simultaneously.

    So, it is not our need that made us to use sunscreen lotion and cold cream, but business people's need that forced us to use them. It is not true that old generations have not used anything to keep their skin moisturized. I have seen my grandparents using aloevera and coconut oil to care their skin.

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