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    Judiciary is not transparent.

    Judge, who give judgement on a vital issue is made target. The judge has to play a great role.I think in democracy judiciary is not transparent. They have to face pressures from politicians.In Bihar Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav is in jail. It is tough task for the judge in giving the judgement.
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    To some extent you are right. But a real judge should look into the issue only. He should not keep in mind who is involved and what is he. Then only he can be a real judge. But if he think of persons he will lose his stature. But I have been observing a peculiar trend in this judiciary in our country. Lower courts are finding fault with the people who are even at higher position but higher courts are having a little affection towards the people in higher position. Can it be because of senior people having more access to senior politicians and vice versa.
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    The title may give a misleading meaning. The title is coined just to refer a recent incident reported in the media. That does no justify the title. Probably we can say that even judges also get threats.

    Wrong and aggressive politics has come to such an extent that even judicial officers are also threatened and coerce. Even now the courts are last resorts for public and we should strive to preserve its independence and esteem. Thankfully at least the leader Lalu Prasad Yadav asked for pardon on this regard on behalf of his followers.

    But I feel that most of the judiciary is still unbiased, independent and following only law and justice. They are not perturbed by other distractions as they base their verdicts on facts and proofs laid in front of them and as per the laws in force. So I still believe and have faith that judiciary is transparent only.

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    Judiciary is also run by Humans. It is not machine run. Actually we take the assumption that every thing done by judiciary is correct but mistakes happens.

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    Unfortunately the Judiciary is also having political affiliations and cases of opposition leaders are taken with speed where as the cases of ruling party wont come on the table at all. Judges are supposed to be non partisan but some times they have to bow to public pressure and public out cry not to punish so and so person. Take for the example of Lalu case, why should so many of his party leaders and workers should assemble in court and outside and the judge was furious on Lalu and asked not to build up sentiments in front of him. Nevertheless the war of inner vengeance do take place between ruling and opposition leaders.
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    This is here the role of judge come into play. He/she has to look everyone in same level. It should not be a matter to him/her whether the person is a political leader, a business man or from film industry. The law and rule should be one for anyone.

    However, the judgement is done, Mr. Lalu Yadav has got 3.5 years jail and 10 lacks rupees as a fine. I don't know how and which way the justice is done. The fodder scam valued was Rs. 970 crore. How the rest of crores of money which was from public would get it back? Where is the account of those money? Would it be recovered or not? These all questions has to be answered by authority people.

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    I do not accept the statement of the author that judiciary is not transparent.The judgments are given based on the evidence and arguments and they are clearly indicated in the judgment. There may be different interpretations but the process is transparent. The judges may be very rarely influenced as some incidents indicate. In an appeal to the higher court, the same evidence will be accepted and the arguments will be based on them and the judgment. The process is transparent. Judiciary is the only hope in case of injustice.
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    Judges are also human beings. They are not recruited from heaven.

    Today the nexus between the political system and bureaucracy is very obvious and corrupt people are minting money just by virtue of their high positions. In such a situation a judge is also feeling himself helpless and most of the time he will linger the case on one pretext or other to delay the judgement. An honest judge feels himself totally unfit in the system.

    Theoretically a judge should give his judgement based on the law of the land and ethics but there are apparent complications in a case because either it is related to a big and influential person or a celebrity and a hasty but correct judgement will create practical problems for the judge himself.

    Judges have to play it safe from all the angles and the only corollary is delay the case as much as possible. In legal world it is often said - justice delayed is justice denied. In practice this is not followed.

    In a system where good governance and honesty prevails the job of judges becomes easier. They can pass good judgements in time and in turn generate respect and laurels for them.

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    Madam, something may be missed in starting of this thread. I do not know about jurisdiction even little bit. But, content to be presented as support to the points in the content. What about you ask from your thread? If examples are told then there is no limit to say. Even common rights of human beings are being questioned in the courts. May be, it is object ionable but it is true that sometimes our fundamental rights are prosecuted in the court. But, courts responded to such situations as per situation. Jurisdiction issues are not in 100% under armpit of political veil.

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    What type of transparency is expected from the Judges is not clear from the tread. There is a well defined system works in the Judiciary. The judge has to decide the case on merit of the evidence. To eliminate the personal errors of judgement, we have a three tier judiciary system. As per our constitution, judiciary is independent and it protects the constitution.

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