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    Cheers of Hostel life

    For those of you who had an opportunity to stay in the hostel during their college days must have relished the enjoyment of hostel life with friends and packed the memories in a box.
    I want to unbox these memories and try to bring a smile on your face. Here are some trailers of the hostel life.

    Getting emotional was called getting "Senti".

    Giving advice to other friends was called giving "Funda".

    Giving false attendance in class for the friend who was absent was called giving "Proxy".

    Students used to complain about hostel mess food and badly missed home food. Sunday evening was the time when mess would be closed and friend circle would happily eat outside at their favorite restaurants. Sunday morning lunch at mess was much awaited as it would have a special menu.

    People used to become homesick at hostel and hostel sick at home.

    During exams, people used to do a night out for study and venture out in the middle of the night to have tea/coffee and bread butter.

    Sometimes going for a movie just before the exam to ward off stress and at times going for a movie after the exams when stress-free. Studying at night and sleeping during the day was a common trend.

    Few mischief makers used to disturb other people in studies after completing their own studies.

    Standing at the movie ticket counter's students queue with college Id cards in hand to get concessional tickets was common.

    Going out with friends in evening to have tea/juice and snacks was the enjoyable part. Visiting the nearby tourist places within the city and also nearby city was another memorable part.

    Winter was the time when many people used to take bath on alternate days and some weekly. The queue outside the bathroom for bathing with knocking of the bathroom door to vacate quickly was common.

    Boys used to have a crush on one or the other girls of the college and it was the hot topic of discussion among the friends.

    Cracking humourous jokes among friends was a hit.

    Juniors used to get Freshers party and final year students used to get the Farewell party.

    Its now time to retire my hands from the keyboard now but still thoughts will keep lingering in my mind for some time.
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    When you talk about hostel life I remember an incident which happened during my studies in university. There was an eye infection in the university campus. So University has announced holidays and advised students not to leave campus. So some students were gathered in a room and playing cards. They were in the locked room and not aware of of outside happenings. Meanwhile the warden came for rounds to see how many students are suffering. The warden was a professor of chemistry . The students who are busy in playing cards are also from chemistry department only. The warden came to that room and just knocked on the door. These students got alert and just hide their cards under the bedsheets and opened the door. The warden understood the sItuation and just warden warned them not to give much strain to eyes indicating that he noticed what the students are doing.
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    It is al like'the grass on other side is green'. I never stayed in hostel during my education. Though I was imagining that hostel life is fun and better than day scholar life, the hoteliers then were feeling homesick and complained about many problems they faced.

    But nowadays I shudder to read the various happenings most relating to thuggery and rowdyism reports of which I get to read in newspapers and in other media. The politically based students union rivalry is taken to hostel also and the residual fights are continued there too. If the wardens try to control and stipulate something, then the agitation and protest start.

    Still there may be places where hostel life is pleasant,productive and fun.

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    Good that the author has listed out happenings in the hostel and well narrated tit bits in this regard. But I was informed by the Principal of a Medical college that those who are day scholars ie those who are staying at home and then attending the college are good at studies than those who stay in the hostel. He further said that there are many absent even in staying at the same campus and the studies are relatively poor as most of the hostelers are allotting more time in the evenings for outing and less time for studies and come week end days the enjoyment for going to movies and far of places would make them sick next day and going absent.
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    What a lovely thread. Wow... I always have missed my hostel life. Being there for a span of complete 4 years during my graduation, was just an amazing and memorable experience ever.
    The birthday celebrations in the hostel are always amazing, your roommates and batch mates will always be ready to get the cake and put it on your face while you are also tasting that a bit.

    Yes how can we miss the Sunday morning breakfast, it always remained the most awaiting for us. In my hostel, we used to get veg Kabab parathas in the breakfast, and it always tasted yummy.
    However, the everyday food was just boring, spicy and unacceptable, but no choice we had to eat it.

    It used to be the funniest moment anytime. The moments were like we are playing very loud music in our rooms and gathered all of our batchmates, and the next day we have the sessional exams. But still, we felt like dancing and just relax ourselves doing some stupid funny talks just to refresh our mood for an hour or so.
    Doing highly stupid photo sessions wearing funny clothes was another mood changer for all of us.
    Celebrating all our festivals, and the new year celebrations, plus the teachers day, all used to fill in our hearts with enthusiasm.
    Hostel life has been the best phase of my life.

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    Hostel is a place where you get a taste of community living with your college fellows and make friends for lifetime. The mess food and warden's round are the main topics discussed during free hours.

    The day you leave the hostel is a memorable day. You are going to new place new college or higher studies or back to your home and to search jobs. You promise to your friends to be in touch. You will be communicating to them.

    The memories of hostel life linger in the mind for quite some time till we are occupied in new engagements.

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    Thank you Jignesh for this lovely thread. You made me to remember my University days in hostel. Perhaps our staying together in hostel brought a close proximity and the friendship still continues with my Hostel friends even today, though we have chosen different paths of life due to our jobs. When we meet, we share those happiest moments. At one stage, I had a track record of watching 13 movies in a month. Spending some time daily in the University Library was a good habit which I cultivated to myself and helped me in the later years.

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    This is one of the best threads which took us to the days of our hostel life in the college. I do not want to recount my experiences but it is a bright spot in my life. Hostel life for five years was really great.
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    A great nostalgic thread. Hostel life was life away from home without the rules and regulations that we faced at home.
    We just have to walk into our rooms to see the mess and lack of order, clothes were thrown apart, half eaten apples and buns, unwashed tea/coffee glasses etc. All this was perfectly normal but a crime at home.
    Many students would have a special bonding and circle of friends who would have a good time studying, traveling or making fun-off. Once in a month, we used to have a bada Khanna like lunch (special monthly lunch) where even day scholars used to join the crowd to enjoy the good non-veg food.
    In our hostel, being the prefactor (hostel perfect) was a great pride as a few of us would be given in charge of laundry, mess, provisions, functions etc. Some used this opportunity to get into college elections or make a little extra money.

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