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    It happens only in India!

    "Jahan paon me payal...haath me kangan...." you might have heard this Hindi song in which the traditions/culture of India beautifully brought it out. But, there are many more (other than what is described in this song) such things which separate India from others country.

    Our country is unique in her own way and the list is too long. However, my intention is to bring out those uniqueness which make our country a very different. I wish our member can bring out such things which only happens in India and no where! It may be regarding culture/traditions, or anything which you feel should be worth to write about, worth to talk about.

    Here is my details which surely happens only in India.

    The Lath Mar Holi. Holi festival itself a tradition which happen only in India but this Lath Mar Holi is more unique tradition. It happens during Holi festival in UP near Mathura where Ladies hit out Men with stick. And the Men try to escape from it. Its funny but true and is very old tradition.

    Now, it is your turn to bring out some speciality about India.
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    In certain community there is a traditional function of 'Nalangu' in the afternoon or evening of marriage day. This is a way for familiarising the new bride and groom and the mixing and mingling of relatives of both sides. It is a mixture of fun filled game, songs and taunting by the onlooking relatives.
    The fun games include rolling of a coconut by the bride and groom between them , bride and groom throwing the fine pieces crushed fried papd on each others head and then cleaning it by using a comb made of banana leaf. Those who had participated or witnessed know it is such a fun and relaxation after all the tensions connected with conducting a marriage.
    Talented and interested persons from both sides get to showcase their talent for singing.

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    The way of celebrating new year day in the Telugu states is very unique. The start the day with a special dish which will have ingredients which will provide different tastes. There will be an ingredient for sweet, sour,bitter,hot . This dish will be eaten only on that day. For any other festival or occasion the dish will not be made. The belief is that if we start new year with that dish we will have different experiences during the year.
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    What I draw conclusion from Lat Maar Holi festival that, over the years the husband has been commanding the wife and even scolding and beating her for not listening to him. May be through this festival the house wives who have been tortured by husbands would have full freedom to beat with big stick black and blue and the husband has to guard himself otherwise the beating would be fatal too as most of the ladies are aiming at the head which is the dangerous part for the human being and if just missed the so called fun festival may turn to be fatal for the family. It must be avoided.
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    The tradition to offer milk to snakes during Nagpanchami is something happens in only India. A stone is offered puja, the river here are given goddess status and offered puja. These are all makes India Incredible and it all happens only in India.

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    Very true, it's incredible India with many things and rituals that have no explanation.
    Once as a child, I've been to a temple in SouthIndia, a temple for Lord Shiva at a place called Thirukalkundram. Here, the priest would feed Kites or big eagles with food at lunchtime. After the darshan, people would walk to the open area, where the priest would give food. Once the birds have eaten, the rest would be given in small amounts as prasadam. I haven't been there for the second time, but it still makes me wonder, some may argue that the birds were habituated but to me, it was a higher power that made the birds come regularly. One needs to travel often to witness such events in our rich country.

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    One after another excellent thread from the author! Yes, even today India presents surprise after surprise to all. When Holi is basically a festival of Vaishavites (although many people will object), 'Lathmar Holi' presents a totally different scenario. This type of Holi can be seen in various places of western Uttar Pradesh surrounding Mathura. Watching this Holi is a lifetime experience.
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    First of all, I would like to appreciate to start such thread. The responses to this thread indicates glory of India in traditions. I belong to Telangana. In this state, in October month, a great festival is commenced. That is Bathukamma. During this festival, ladies make flower bunches around which they dance while they are singing on Goddess Gowri. This event is continued up to 10days starting from Dasara sacred nine nights.

    Another unique festival in Telangana is Bonalu starting in the month of July and it continues up to end of Sravana month. During which women submits their vows as in the form of sweet rice put in small pots. It is the state festival of Telangana.

    Another festival in the state is Sammakka and Sarakka carnival. This event is happened for week days in the forest near to Mulugu in Warangal district in Telangana. Even these are regional festivals, they are their uniqueness in cultural throne of India.

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    Great to get the good responses which will only encourage me to bring some more interesting threads.

    One more tradition in India is, whenever you buy a house hold things whether TV or Refrigerator, Musical Instruments or any vehicle, we do puja to that particular things/goods. We put Kumkum/sindur to start our life with that non living things. Sometime, we breaks the coconut. It may look funyy for other but in India it is incredible indeed!

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    Present Indians badly inhibited with western culture and start commenting or questioning our culture and rituals. But many foreigners likes our culture and rituals. They are respecting yoga, ayurveda astonished to see their scientific predictions as told already in Indian manuscripts and puranas. If we see the foreigners visiting to Madurai Meenakshi Temple we can understand their bakthi and interest in knowing our culture, though they belongs to other religion. It is wonder & hurting to hear and see our own people foolishly commenting and criticizing our own culture.

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    Mr. Ramachandran ji, please stick to the topic. What you are talking is a different matter and topic to discuss. Kindly provide us some interesting details which happens only in India.

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