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    Meaning of Jewel in broad sense

    Jewel means precious one. Its meaning is to be understood in broad way. To understand this above said sentence, here is one example. Suppose when a beggar get full meals with delicious items then it is jewel to him. Samething is not worth as a jewel to a rich person. For example, I am a teacher appointed in 2005. If I get old pension system, then it is a jewel to me. So, a physical form of diamond other ornaments are not jewels because in their original form, we could not give any value to them.

    Coming to some more examples, parents to children, teachers to students, job to unemployee and love between lovers, husband to wife or wife to husband and soldiers to nation are jewels. So, its meaning has no limits to thought process. How could you believe the meaning of jewel support in broad way?
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    The author has correctly implied that everything is valued as per the valuer's necessity and understanding of it.
    Gandhiji had said that Even if God has come in front of a hungry man, He has to come in the form of food'.

    A badly printed currency note is worthless for an ordinary person and he will feel that he was betrayed and lost that much worth. But the same badly printed currency note may appear as a very valuable piece to a numismatist. Even though gold is used as jewellery commonly in India, it is not so in some other places.

    Thus author has given a relative sense for the word jewel.

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    The importance and value of a particular item may increase with the necessity of the item to you. For a hungry man curd rice is more than a jewel. For a person who is not having clothes to wear, if we donate a good dress it is a feast and it is more than a jewel. I appreciate the author for the thought and the examples.
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    Rightly said by the author that when we meet our expectations immediately or even belatedly we get elated over the achievement and that is the real jewel for us. For the marketing person doing supply and collection job, if the shop owners are present and they give the money means it is the jewel purchased happiness for him. And if the debtor gets the cash from the creditors without much reminder and follow that, that moment is the jewel for him. And for a person who was late to the station and still the train was not arrived , that moment would be the jewel for him and gets over joyed.
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    Here jewel is only metaphor but it does not represent any physical thing. We can compare this term to valued moment, event and experience in our life.

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    A nice thread which pictures out the real meaning of jewel. Jewel not meaning any kind of ornament but a valuable moment or important thing for someone.
    The necessity of that valuable thing or memory makes it a jewel for all of us.

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    A thoughtful thread. Jewels are not only the physical ones but true jewels are ones that are more valuable to the person depending on the circumstances and needs. The value of the item or form would be far greater than a jewel if we take the monetary comparison out of the picture.
    For instance, a bottle of water costs nothing in comparison to a piece of jewelry, but the same water to a person stuck in the desert is more valuable than many jewels that he can think of. To apply this in real life, an individual needs a certain degree of maturity and a little detachment for materialistic life.

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