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    The Jewel that adorned his face

    I saw him from a very far distance as I was walking towards him, he seemed to be a very old man. The weather was cold and windy, even the warm clothes which I wore could not keep me warm as I was taking a stroll. As I kept walking his frame became clearer, he was wearing a white juba, which was so long that it almost touched his toes along with a white loose pant.

    He was walking very slowly with his head bowed down and took every step carefully. He had a small luggage in his left hand, though it looked weightless, it seemed it was heavy for him to carry. He had a cap which covered his ears and no warm clothes to protect him from the cold weather. I started acing my steps, so I could ask him if I could be of any help to you and where is he going. I had almost reached him when suddenly a scooty brushed past us and took a sharp U-turn in front of the old man. When the old man lifted his head above and saw the man on the scooter there was a broad toothless smile on his face. How adorable was it to see him smile! How I wish If I could capture that moment in a frame, but I am sure had I captured it, I wouldn't have been able to live that moment.

    The young man in scooter gave the old man a ride and I continued my journey looking out for more such stories.The toothless smile that the old man carried on his face was the most precious jewel that adorned his face.

    Based on true incident.
    Entry for TOW Contest
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    A good narration. The author is enjoyed the smile of S oldman without teeth. We used to say about toothless of great Bapuji. There was song also in which Gandhi was described as a toothless smile's Bapuji. I enjoyed the story. You start looking in that direction you will find many such persons.
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    Who said that the smiles of elder and old persons are not adorable. In fact that very face add charm to the gathering and every one would glue to the old person only.
    K Mohan
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    The story is narrated so simple yet beautifully that anyone can imagine the toothless smile of the old man. Yes, at that time he needed help from someone and when he got that, the smile which was so natural to come automatic at his face. Indeed, it was so precious if we go by this true story.

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    A wonderful narration and the excellent narration of the old man and the timing of the toothless smile. Yes, a simple help or just reaching out to such people brings a smile to their faces. At a temple we visit regularly closeby, there's is an old woman who looks after the shoes, yesterday when we gave her 10 rupees (instead of 4), she smiled without saying a word, although this is not a great amount, she probably smiled because she did not ask for it.

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