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    Have you ever scolded or chided your better half and then repented ?

    As long as wife and husband lead a normal life without the children, the going on would be smooth and enjoyable too. Once the children comes in the family the responsibilities on both would increase manifold and some times they loose the temper. Wife expects husband to help her in rearing the child and for the husband how to cope up the family with extra expenditure and how to earn money over time or through part time would be his task. Some times in the fit of anger, the husband would beat the wife and then repent ?
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    I think that's a very personal subject to be asked. In general both should respect each other and understand each others requirements.yes there are misunderstandings among husband and wife sometime or the other. This should be resolved and should not take a bitter turn. I don't agree that as long as the couple is without children, they are happy and then as the family grows things are different.
    Children bring more happiness and cheer to the family. Temperaments also differ from person to person. It is the attitude and responsibility that make a family atmosphere good or bad.

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    The matter is purely should be between the partners. These points are not supposed to be discussed in public forums. When to people are living together for years together there are chances for scolding or chiding each other will always be there. They are all bound to happen. So specifically these questions can't be asked or answered. I might have scolded my wife or my wife might have scolded me. I might have chided my wife or my wife might have chided me. Those moments live very short. We should not remember such situations for long and discusss with others. If one of us are serious the other person will maintain a low profile till the other person become normal.So the matter will never become big or it will cause some problems. The happiness of the life always depends on how you will get adjusted yourselves with others.
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    There is a saying in Malayalam" Chattiyum kaluvum aayaal thattiyum muttiyum irikkum"- with pots and pans(vessels) there will be hits and abrasions" That means that when you stay together at a place there will be difference of opinion,and even some hard fights. But, as they say'husband and wife fight is only up to the bed room'. The partners should know how to manage and restrict quarrels from exceeding limits and spoiling their relationship. In mature relationships one of the partners keeps a low and moderates so that the difference does not erupt into a quarrel.

    Yes, definitely, at least in early days this happens when we just blurt out something in a sudden reaction and then feel sorry and express regret.It is just reality. But by and by these things disappear and the spouses become more closer and merge themselves.

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    It is natural that there may be some bitter instances between the couple and soon the ceasefire will be there but yes these are the stressful moments in the family.

    The husband being the leader of the house sometimes have the prerogative to scold everyone who is not performing as per his expectations but in today's world, this is not going to hold as it is common that both the partners are earning and going out for jobs.

    So it is wise to avoid such situations which may create misunderstandings and cause for quarrel.

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    We all have done it, haven't we? I'm yet to come across a husband or a wife who hasn't spoken harshly to their spouses and children.
    I always feel the arrival of the child ensures the transformation of a happy go couple to a set of mature and responsible parents.
    In our lives, there would be ups and downs, different priorities and viewpoints, this often leads to a discussion or an argument that makes one of us lose our self-control and we shout at the other person to end to the episode.
    But, later on. our minds are in a turmoil of repentance and are often angry with ourselves for doing so. With the passage of time, things return to normal often without uttering an apology.
    Many times are a heated discussion, we use a little of emotional blackmail of the gift/treat trick that works well with children and adults sometimes too.

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