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    Hugging of two children faces punishment.

    Recently an incident happened in a school at Thiruvananthapuram and the same attracted the attention of all. The incident was related to an art festival conducted in a School. A girl who participated in an art form got first in the item. She was congratulated by all. Among them was a boy who came to the stage and showed his congratulation by hugging the girl. This became an issue and objections came from different sources. Finally the management of the school initiated an action against both the children. H M of the school suspended both the children from the school. The interesting part is that the parents of these children had no any Complaint. Any comments?
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    Although most of the people have criticized the school, my view is different. Considering the perverse mindset of some people (including many teen-agers), the nominal punishment is appropriate. After all, school is not a place of showing such affection/romance.
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    Many times some restrictions are only taken as a precaution, not punishment. Sometimes even punishments are meted out to prevent and appear as an alert and precaution for avoiding mishaps.
    In the Mumbai case actor Dutt was punished by court, for just holding the arms somebody gave him to keep. He has not hurt or injured anyone. But the question is had it been used...?
    Just because something has not happened we can now be wise in saying.But if something happened then the same people would have turned the plate in a different way.

    Many times the distance for tickle to become irritation and pain is very short. Vulnerable young students may not have any bad intention initially, but the chance to slip unknowingly is also there. The school or elders restrict or punish students of vulnerable age only to prevent slipping into problems and errors. Teaching and training invites a bit of punishment and regulation also.

    I think after mediation the school has amended the punishment and taken a more lenient action.

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    I feel hugging each other in public is not a crime,unless the limitations are crossed. The decision taken by the school not to allow the girl to continue in the school was a serious matter. Children in school should follow certain norms and discipline in the school.
    Today things are not we expect of the children, they take such things very casually .

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    What I presume that the hugging episode has happened in the fit of expressing over happiness and that should not have been taken that serious by the management. If the management was so serious, then why they are having the co-educational pattern and let them have exclusive boys school or girls school. Emotions are expressed in different ways. Some does with claps continuously, some cheer their friends with hooting and some go and shake hand and here is the case the boy hugged the girl which never happened on stage in front of others. When the both parents have not objected to this then why the management took drastic action of suspending them. Here the school thought that it would receive severe comments on social media and thus made a face saving act. But they erred completely as they could have called both parents and given counselling to the children.
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    Obviously, the boy just hugged her and did not do any wrong deed. If he could have done anything that was unacceptable and bad, then it could have been right to suspend both of them.
    The parents also know that both the children did not commit any crime or crossed any lines, so why will they comment anything on it.
    There was no point to suspend them both on this. Instead, the headmaster could have given them a warning about it and told them clearly how should they behave.

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    I think the action was too harsh on the part of school administration. Firstly the boy and girl did not do anything objectionable. Secondly, if the school felt that it wasn't right they should have talked to the students to not show affection and appreciation in this way in school premises from next time.
    But taking such action is completely a wrong thing and to some extent shows the narrow-mindedness of our society.
    If instead of that boy there would have been a girl I don't think there would have been any such action considering her to be a friend of the performing girl but since he was a boy he wasn't considered her friend in the same manner. Parents should have intervened in this afterall their children didn't do any objectionable thing to be suspended for it.

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    In co-education school such thing may happen. This example is of expressing emotions by hugging on a wrong platform. Nowadays, moral policing is on rise. Since there is no complaint from the parents on either side, the school took an extreme action. The school can suspend the children, if their behaviour is not in accordance with the school code. It seems that the school had taken this decision under pressure.

    I think that the parents and schools both are responsible for such incidences. The exposure to movies and serials on TV is also playing a wrong role. Anyway, parental guidance is important in the case of teenagers. If schools are so specific,then they should have a written code regarding this.

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    The parents have not complained but the school is taken an action. To some extent the school is correct. Somebody hugging to congratulate the person who got a prize especially on the stage is not acceptable. First of all the boy has nothing do to come on to the dais. He might have congratulated her afterwards. By seeing his if the boys start coming to the girl to convey congratulations bu bugging what the school management can do? So for the first time itself, if a strong action has been taken means, the issues will not repeat and will get closed there and then itself. I feel the school is right. The others should understand what happens if somebody is doing an unwanted act knowingly or unknowingly. The required message has gone down the line by the action of the school management which is welcome.
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