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    Happiness lies in looking down

    One of the reasons why mankind struggles to remain happy is due to the fact that they always look up and notice the people who have more than them or are above them. Seldom they look down on people who have even less than them or are below them. So the medicine for happiness lies in looking down and not up. What about our ambition then if we look down? Shouldn't we dream high? Yes, no harm in aiming high but if your aim gets missed then make sure to look down, be content and happy. You have given your try and result is not in your hands.

    If you have a bike and cannot possess the car, look at the person who has a bicycle and be satisfied.

    If you have your own apartment and cannot possess a villa, look at the people who live in huts and be satisfied.

    If you are earning a low salary and it does not increase, look at the people who are unemployed and be satisfied.

    If you have a small car and cannot possess an SUV, look at the people who have only a two-wheeler and be satisfied.

    If you are living in a hut and cannot own a house, look at the people who do not even have shelter and be satisfied.

    The real key to happiness lies in being satisfied and considering ourselves fortunate for whatever God has given us and not cribbing about more and do a comparison with others. God has sent each person to the earth with his/her share of luck and destiny so we are not going to get anything more than that. So it is better to look down and be happy.
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    People like me will definitely concur with this thread message. But the loyalists of 'ambitions' and ' sky high dreams' may not agree. Their view is that unless you have high goals and ambitions you cannot progress.

    Some thirty five years ago, I had an occasion to visit my friend who was convalescing after a surgery. He was then staying with his uncle in a 21 storey apartment in a posh area of Mumbai. There was an adjacent building with thirty storeys, and down below were a few hutment.

    After courtesies and coffee, the uncle took me to the window and showed me the hutments below. He asked me whether I saw that. I said yes.He replied'But your friend does not see them. He only sees the taller building'. His peculiar swaying of head and questioning look gave me the answer. My friend was keeping a grouse that his uncle who was holding a very high post in an organisation was not doing anything to recommend him for a better job.

    The uncle just want to put sense into my friend that at least he is reasonably well and comfortable while there are many who did not have a fraction of that. His uncle was a straight forward man who would help when a person is in difficulty like illness and unavoidable problems. That is why he helped him to have best medical attention and allowed to stay in his home. But he will not use any backdoor methods for getting job r any other benefits.

    I am of the opinion and practice that while having realistic ambitions and aspirations we should be satisfied and feel fortunate that we are better than many.

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    Good thread from the author. Yes happiness really lies on our achievements and making strides in this competitive world. It is not wrong to see others progress and emulate them to be in that place and for that we must be prepared to forgo our habits, our association with present people and above all a total determination to achieve something and that madness may bring the success and that cannot be assured. And winner are those who are content with their progress and so far and placed at the best place when compared to others who are beneath or down them. But again our wants are unlimited and wants to live better than yesterday and that zeal would make us to pursue things which are different and yet achievable. Some are making progress and many failed and that makes them to have their old living pattern.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very correctly said and if we follow this piece of advice life will be very very calm and satisfactory.

    Unfortunately, human traits are not like that. We are having jealousy, greed and temptation which drive us to acquire materialistic luxuries much more than what our fellow humans have. We are doing it any cost.

    In such a situation if one can look down and feel like a satisfied person then he is not an ordinary soul, he can be considered in the category of sages or saints.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Without ambition, there will not be an advancement in life. Ambition and hope are the essentials of life without which it becomes stale. There is no job guarantee in private sector. One has to be careful to fend for themselves for at least six months to one year without a job. An ambitious person creates jobs directly or indirectly for the public. If Ambanis, Tatas, and others like them kept quite without any expansion plans, what would have been the job position?

    Greediness is something that is not desirable. My advice to all the younger generation will be ambitious and earn as much as possible. Share whatever you feel like with the society for those who are in a helpless condition.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    This has been human tendency to remain unsatisfied with what he gets. To some extend this unsatisfaction is the cause of the present day progress and glitter. The man is the only creature on the earth who thinks of saving for the future needs. Some times this craving exceeds the normal limits and becomes greed.

    We need not look down the others who have less than what we have for satisfaction. We have to limit our needs. Limiting needs does not mean to live like a poor. This means to live in a satisfactory way as per the situations and the earnings. If we decide a level of living standard for ourselves, there would not be any struggle for the unnecessary wants and this will give mental peace.

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    Happiness become sadness or people struggle when you don't have money to buy a bike but look for buying car without even proper plan. If you want to sustain your happiness you need to have strong plan. Simply looking up can only bring struggle and pain. Yes, one need to look down but to progress up. Life is a long journey and one should try to upgrade himself / herself and it is a positive attitude to look up.

    If everyone become satisfied with where ever they are, the progress of the world will stand still. The best example is who will be better than our Webmaster Tony John! Had he continued his working in engineering field, we would not have been in ISC and discussing this matter here. If I would have satisfied in my only field I would not have trying to write something unique. You look up because you think you are special and can reach there.

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    Such nice thoughts by the author, yes I agree, happiness lies in looking down. Being content with what we have makes us realize the importance of happiness.
    It is good to have ambitions in life, we work for it as well. But no point in being sad about if we are not able to achieve it. At least one tried and that is enough to ponder upon.
    However, chances are always there, we just need to try one more time or few more times.
    Sometimes we see happiness, when we see the other people who do not have the very important things in life, still they are ready to struggle every moment.
    So, stay satisfied with what you have.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    An excellent presentation by the author. I always say that contentment is the key to your happiness. If you are having a Maruthi 800 be proud of that car. You say I am the proud owner of the car. We two and our two. Total four. The car is sufficient for my family. Then it gives a lot of happiness. In life, if you are satisfied with what you have you are the happiest man in the universe. While learning you should not be contained with what you are getting. You should not look down feel happy that you got better marks than somebody. You should work hard and try to achieve the maximum marks. But don't worry if you got 99% whereas somebody else got 100%. Look at the man who got 98% and feels happy. But while trying you should aim for 100%.
    So satisfaction and contentment are the keys to happiness. Put in all your efforts and be happy with the result what you got.

    always confident

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