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    Even in our life good happiness moments would return. Never get jittery.

    I just cannot understand the attitude of many people that they want the happy moments in life for ever and does not feel comfort with challenging and sad moment. Actually through sad phase only one becomes more responsible and behave with sense and also learns from the past. And again we should not feel for the sad moments as others are living very happily. When you are experiencing a bad period of life, rest assured that good moments are at the threshold of your life. So never get jittery over others happiness, just wait for for your happy moment to start at any time.
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    A nice observation by the author. Life is a journey in which there will be roses as well as thorns.

    We should not be bogged down by the bad times or adversities as they are the part and parcel of the human life and as they are unpredictable it is not a wise thing for worrying over those which are yet to be encountered.

    As a living entity given a choice we will like to have an enjoyable life with no hassles but is it in our hands? Destiny has its own course. We have to just drive on that path not knowing who is guiding us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Happiness is a state of mind that this is the best time . Happiness lies in our mind-mentality to feel contented.
    If we really wish we can feel very happy from even the most routine things and events. We have to observe children to see how they feel happy in even small and very cheap cost things. They may not even touch a very costly toy , but will find thrill and happiness on toys made of green leaves or those made using some waste items lying around. They would be happy and satisfied with the tiny 'jeera candy' than a costly chocolate bar.

    It is about what we have in mind about happiness. There can happen some testing times in our life. But if we strongly believe that this is just a test or trial by God and once we pass this it would be far better and happy time. If one does not get overjoyed in good times, he will not feel over sad also in not so advantageous times.

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    Happiness comes from within. It is sometimes about finding peace in very little things.
    We just need not lose hope when we are undergoing sad phase. Understand that it is the time to undergo struggle, once this phase is over, the happy phase will also be back because time changes as nothing are constant in this world.
    So, just keep making efforts from your end, and you will be back to the happy and delighted moment soon.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Definitely none wants the sad moments and it all depends on the gravity of the situation. It is not that much easy to make a come back when you come across the saddest moments of life to simply let them off with a ray of hope for good. It is always easier to preach by sitting outside the fence but what needs is the courage to face such challenges. If you fail in an examination, you can try to do better - here, the sadness may be different. If you or someone falls sick, one should have the will power to get well soon, it would be a different case. But, when you lose your beloved one, the sadness would continue and it may take time or may continue for ever.

    In spite of all odds in life, hope is the best medicine which would cure all the reasons for sadness.


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    I agree with Jagdish Patro. We don't know the depth of the water unless we are in the water. By sitting on the shore we can't teach the people swimming or we can't talk about the depth of water. So something sad happens in our life it is very difficult to come out of that feeling very easily. It is not that they are thinking that they will not get happy mi=oments again in their life. But it is for the bad happened in that particular aspect. We have to step into the shoes of the person to know the reasons for his unhappiness. One of my Uncle lost his wife. He left with two sons and one daughter. He will be going around to the houses of these three children and spend happily with them for the sake of their children. But when he meets anyone very close to him he will vent out his feeling of unhappiness for losing his wife early. It is humanly impossible for him to come out of that feeling because of the closeness he had with his wife and the happy moments he had with his wife. No second person can share his unhappiness in that particular aspect.
    always confident

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