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    It is really astonishing that 65 percent of world population still depend on agriculture.

    According to world bank report, 44 percent of the people are in age group of 14 years. Eighty percent of the world population live in rural areas, 39 percent of the people have no formal education and 65 percent are simply depending on agriculture. What my observation from these figures is that India must brace to cater to the needs of those young generation in offing to have better future. Reading those details what is your recommendation for the World bank and also to the countries which are likely to take this information very seriously and that includes even India ?
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    We have seen that mostly the development took place in urban areas. There is a mad rush of population from rural areas to urban areas. The migrants are mostly unskilled workers. This trend is all over the world. In context of India, more than 60% of population is in rural area and depends on agriculture and allied sector. Governments do not give much importance to this sector owing to its less contribution to GDP. GDP is the indicator of the health of the economy. The present government is also doing the same. The government trying its luck in manufacturing sector. This sector can not generate more jobs owing to modernisation of manufacturing processes. The government should increase budget for the agriculture and allied sector. There is a need of strong infrastructural investment to connect rural areas to urban areas so that the migration of workers to the already over burdened urban areas will be reduced.

    For most of the developing countries the strategy should be the same. World bank should support viable projects for the development of rural areas and investment in agricultural sector will also help in preserving our environment and keeping it pollution free.

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    The agriculture sector is also important. We the people require food for our living. For this aspect, agriculture is very important. But the problem there are many people who depend on this sector won't get the jobs continuously and hence the people are slowly migrating towards an urban area. By providing more jobs in agriculture sector we can make that area is also stronger. Otherwise, indistrlisation is to be strengthened to get more jobs for the youth. But how to get the income on agriculture to be calculated is to be given a thought.
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    There is nothing to get astonished about the figures quoted. Perhaps this 65 percent is feeding us. If they were not there we would have been starving. Now in Kerala every piece of empty land is getting a facelift by starting agriculture there. Like this in several countries including United States encouragement is given to agricultural sector.

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