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    What are the transformations you want to see in India during 2018?

    Looking forward to some drastic changes for the Indian economy & for its citizens in general? Give a critical appraisal of the govt.'s policies & what you expect for the country in 2018.

    The year 2017 is past us and we are in 2018. We all wish to have certain transformations to take place in our country during this year. The budget for the year 2018 is going to be presented in few days. I want more allocation of funds to health, education, and agriculture which are core necessities for anyone. From the personal point of view, the inclusion of the petroleum products under GST. Another important thing is to change the tax structure on the personal income as we are paying tax on the money earned and also while spending the already taxed money.

    What are your required transformations in the country?
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    What I want the government to give major thrust to the youth development. Youth are the future of tomorrow and any negligence or side lining them in the development process would hamper the country progress as the disgruntled youths have the power to change the government with their voice and action. Youths must be trained at the high school level for their future career. It may be agriculture, Industry, Engineering or any other professional course. Why because most of the professionals now doing higher studies are not having the idea of what they have studied past and thus their forging ahead with distinction is lacking. Government must understand this and make the education Industry friendly from high school level itself by consulting Industrial captains as what were their requirements to have good employees in future ?
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    The performance of the government on economic front has been dismal since its installation. There was a thoughtless decision of demonetisation. This followed by a hasty decision of GST. These two decisions slowed the economy which was already in stress. Lot of money was spent on advertisements admiring the PM and justifying his decisions. Nothing concrete has been done to mop or crub the Black Money. I want to see the following things to be done by the present government.
    1) There should be a rationalisation in GST rates and maximum cap.
    2) The rural sector of the economy should be given due importance.
    3) Employment generation should be the priority.
    4) Projects of providing advantages to masses are to be given priority rather than the showy projects.
    5) There should be prudent expenditures on advertisements.

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    I would like to have any transformation that brings peace and happiness in general in this country. Anything that ensures that every one in this country get their food, shelter, normal and peaceful sleep is what I wish. In general I wish and I hope that each country will see that less amounts are spent on arms and the saving from that is used for welfare of people and ensure water, food and peace.

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    What I will like is a significant reduction in income tax rates as in a strict GST regime it is becoming a redundant revenue source for Govt.

    Another expectation is some drastic measures to increase employment opportunities. Today job position is alarmingly very discouraging. The salary difference in Govt and private sector is increasing. Illegal educational institutions are mushrooming and minting money.

    I expect some of these will be taken care during this year.

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    Brought this thread back to the front page as this is an excellent topic for forum discussion. Give some analytical opinions and we will reward qualitative responses. You can discuss both, about what to expect from the Govt., and also generally from the citizens - how can India undergo transformations for the better?
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    1. Elimination of all the mouthpiece ministers. I wish people could report directly to higher authorities through a systematic way. Otherwise, the amount of corruption will only increase.
    I have an idea how this can be done. Government Customer care/ Government call center, whatever you may, will receive complaint from the regional help centres which will be contacted by common people.
    2. Higher education must be given interest-less loans. And the cut-off of Government colleges must be increased.
    3. Paid health insurance for all the factory workers.
    4. I want India to be overall capitalistic country.

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    A new year has arrived ! It is only natural that several wishes are put forth with positive ideas. All of us simply say, " best wishes"!
    But what happens if it is with regard to a country and it's people. Wishing will be easy, but what about fulfilling ? Govt. will be having different programmes. But how many of them are implemented properly ? If the different Governments, which came into power after we became independent, had done as per the Plans approved by the Parliament and implemented by the respective departments our country would have been the most developed one in this world.

    I wish the gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots' get reduced as much as possible during this year, that will be the best thing one can wish and hope. Together with that a healthy secular feeling has also to be created among the masses. Eradication or at least reduction of pollution, availability of pure drinking water, preservation of the nature for the coming generations, through all these a livable nation has to be made. Let this year, plan towards that, so that at least our next generations can lead a healthy and wealthy life here.
    So every project taking up by the Government at Centre as well as at the States must have these aims contained in them. As Father of our Nation stated long back whatever project we are planning think how it is going to help the poorest of the poor,daridranarayanan.


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    Another year is gone and the new year is here. We all entered into the new year. We have many wishes for the new year. I want the government to see that India will maintain its identity as a peace-loving country and progress in the field of science and technology. They should see that disparity between poor and rich will come down.
    The income taxpayers should get some good reduction in the tax amount. If petroleum products are also brought under GST it will be a welcome feature for all consumers. The Government should see that more employment is generated and deserving people will get employment suitably. India should raise his voice in UN by getting a permanent membership. India should be able to create a safe environment and should control pollution and brain drain.

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